Starbucks Assessment Test: Preparation and Advice

What You'll Get

  • 9 Basic Numerical Tests
  • 6 Numerical Reasoning Tests
  • 14 Verbal Reasoning Tests
  • 7 Language Tests
  • 12 Abstract Reasoning Tests
  • 11 Clerical Aptitude Tests
  • 21 Mechanical Aptitude Tests
  • 19 Spatial Reasoning Test
  • Personality Profiling Tests
  • 5 Situational Judgment Tests
  • Interview Preparation
  • 11 Numerical Guides
  • Money back guarantee


This PrepPack™ has everything you need for your application. It covers numerical, verbal, situational judgement, mechanical, abstract, clerical, spatial, personality profiling, and interview preparation along with guides. Looking forward to seeing you on the inside.

Starbucks Virtual Job Tryout Format

The application process starts with an initial interview where the interviewer asks personality and STAR based questions. Afterwards, you are referred to take the online assessment test. Starbucks uses the Virtual Job Tryout in order to assess whether you have the necessary skills to be a barista, store manager or even a district manager. The Starbucks Virtual Job Tryout is a situational judgment test combined with a few personality test questions. In the pre-employment assessment test, you become a virtual barista or manager and deal with situations that will most likely occur during your time working at Starbucks. JobTestPrep has a Starbucks Preparation Package which includes personality test questions and situational judgment questions to help you ace the assessment test and get the job you wanted.

About Starbucks

Starbucks is the largest coffee-cafe chain in the world, with over 21,000 locations worldwide. There are currently around 160,000 employees and counting, with new coffeehouses opening every month. Starbucks is also listed as one of the world’s most ethical companies making it a great place to start your career.

What Kinds of Questions Does the Starbucks Personality Test Contain?

Employers care about a healthy environment in their companies. Therefore, they make an effort to ensure that people whom they hire have pleasant personalities and are easy to get along with. They also want to ensure that their future employees will not work unproductively, willfully destroy the equipment, vent their anger on their coworkers, and harass others. To this end, employers introduced the Personality Test into their pre-employment assessment. Before making a hiring decision, they ask job candidates to answer about 80-120 questions contained in it. These tests are of different formats. You may be required to guess how people feel about a particular situation; or you may need to rank your own reaction to specified statements on the scale from 1 to 10, stating whether you agree or disagree with them and how strongly so. Needless to say, you must answer the test’s questions honestly and without preparation. Still, it is highly advisable to practice before you take your actual Personality Test. Going through a few dry runs with JobTestPrep’s Personality Test will help you create a more impressive personality profile and then make a more favorable impression on your interviewers.

What Is the Starbucks Phone Interview?

Once your resume has been screened and matched for the position being offered, you may be requested to participate in a phone interview. This type of interview is often held with a member of the Human Resources department and will last around 30 minutes.

Since the phone interview is often used as a means for further screening, you will most likely need to answer questions regarding your availability, previous work experience, and salary expectations.

JobTestPrep always conducts thorough research about every company and the tests it asks job applicants to take. Our tests are thus always closely modelled on companies' official tests. They will not only familiarize you with your upcoming test's format but will also present you with questions that you will meet on it so that you come to your examination armed with correct answers. We also supply our test simulations with answer keys and study guides enabling you to track your progress while you are practicing. Do not miss the rare opportunity we are offering you to prepare for your test. Purchase our exclusive PrepPack™ and outshine all other candidates for your desired position.

What Questions Should I Ask My Interviewers?

The importance of asking relevant questions during the interview cannot be overstated. You need to show yourself interested in the company and in your future position. Focus your questions on the employer’s expectations from you and your contribution to the company’s growth and how it will be measured. If you know you may be nervous in the interview and forget some questions you wanted to ask, prepare a list of questions at home. You will look professional and prepared, if you refer to them during your interview.


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