Chevron Pre Employment Assessment Test: Practice & Tips

What You'll Get

33 different practice tests including

  • Industrial Information question - Tables & Graphs
  • Mechanical Aptitude
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Personality test preparation
  • 5 Study guides
  • Fully detailed explanations teaching the simplest & quickest methods
  • Instant Access, Practice 24/7
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The basic Chevron assessment test is a three part test which includes:

  1. Industrial Information Test- Tests your ability to use math, read and comprehend passages as well as use graphs and charts in order to solve problems.
  2. Mechanical Aptitude Test- Chevron would like to gauge your capability to use basic mechanical principles in order to solve situations which may occur in the field.
  3. Workplace Attitude and Behavior Inventory- this is your basic personality test which assesses whether your personality and behavior will align with the company ideals and workforce.

JobTestPrep provides a complete preparation pack for Chevron's assessment tests featuring practice drills to all common question types you may encounter on test day.

Chevron Preparation Package Advantage

Chevron generally fields a large amount of applicants for a few positions. It is not uncommon for 2,000 people to apply for 80 jobs. Therefore, when Chevron uses the pre-employment assessment tests it is not easy and can screen a large percentage of applicants out of the candidate pool. With JobTestPrep we provide you with practice tests, study guide and tips to prepare you for the assessment tests that will come your way in order to help you succeed and stand out. Our practice pack provides an excellent solution for the Chevron O&M Assessment test, the Chevron Operator Trainee Test, and for various other assesments for technical positions.

In this pack, we introduce to you questions and study guides that will familiarize you with topics that may appear on the exam, provide you with a variety of sample questions, and help you sharpen your reasoning skills. The tests in this pack include:

  • Mechanical Aptitude Practice Tests - introduces basic mechanical concepts, and simple mechanical principles such as pressure, weight, levers, cogwheels, mechanical advantage, and more.
  • Numerical Skills and Tabular Comprehension - back to basics numeracy drills, and knowing how to read, interpret, and solve problems using tables and graphs
  • Reading Comprehension - assess your ability to read and understand basic scientific reading materials.
  • Personality Test - we provide a personality profile guide and simulation to allow you to understand how to approach personality tests.

About Chevron

Chevron was ranked third on the Fortune 500 list of world’s largest companies. With around 65,000 employees in over 180 countries it is a mammoth multinational organization, dealing in energy and oil refinery.

Want a career at Chevron? Being that the energy giant is such a large multinational corporation with offices in more than 180 countries means that they need an assessment test in order to screen potential candidates. There are many positions available at Chevron and therefore there are various forms of assessment. A majority of applicants to Chevron apply to the operations and maintenance field and therefore their most prominent assessment test is the Chevron O&M Assessment Test.

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