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What's Included

  • 13 SHL-style numerical reasoning tests
  • A guide to SHL’s OPQ personality test
  • Mechanical Aptitude
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Personality test with a complete breakdown of the ideal technical profile
  • 5 Study Guides
  • Fully detailed explanations teaching the simplest & quickest methods
  • Instant Access, Practice 24/7
  • Secured payment
  • Money back guarantee- terms and conditions apply


The Valero assessment test can include many different sections depending on the position you are applying for. There will almost always be a personality test in order to gauge your fit with the company principles and whether you are a good fit for the work environment. The personality test is most likely administered by Hogan. If you are applying as an operator then you will need to take the Valero Operator Battery Test. Process operators and technicians are often requested to complete CEB SHL numerical aptitude tests. JobTestPrep's Valero PrepPack™, on this page, includes CEB SHL-style mock exams, study guides, score reports, and more.

Valero Process Operator Battery Test

The Valero Operator Battery Test includes the following:

  • Mechanical Aptitude: Valero is assessing your basic knowledge of mechanics so that they can see if you have a basic fit for the position you are applying for
  • Reading Comprehension: It is important for Valero to see that you can follow procedures and safety guidelines as written and understand it all.
  • Personality Test: As in all other positions it is an assessment of whether your personality fits the company profile.

Prepare for Valero with JobTestPrep

When applying for a job at Valero, it tends to be a pretty packed field of candidates. With JobTestPrep and our Valero Prep Pack, you will be able to get to the top of the candidates' list with a strong showing on the assessment test. You will get there with our sample practice tests, detailed explanations and study guides.

In this pack, we introduce to you questions and study guides that will familiarize you with topics that may appear on the exam, provide you with a variety of sample questions, and help you sharpen your reasoning skills. The tests in this pack include:

  • Mechanical aptitude practice tests - introduces basic mechanical concepts, and simple mechanical principles such as pressure, weight, levers, cogwheels, mechanical advantage, and more.
  • Numerical skills and tabular comprehension - back to basics numeracy drills, and knowing how to read, interpret and solve problems using tables and graphs
  • Personality test - we provide a personality profile guide and simulation to allow you to understand how to approach personality tests.

About Valero

Valero is in the Fortune 500 and is based in San Antonio, Texas. They are one of the largest energy and gas production companies with over 24,000 employees. They also have subsidiaries such as Shamrock, Diamond Shamrock, Beacon, and Texaco.

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