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How Can JobTestPrep Help?

JobTestPrep has developed test simulations closely patterned upon SoftServe’s original tests and collected them in its high-quality PrepPack™. Among our materials are the simulations of the Caliper and the Logical Reasoning Tests that will help you hone your various personality traits and logic before you are assessed at SoftServe. If your upcoming examination includes numerical and Excel tests, we can help you brush up your knowledge of arithmetic and show you how to perform operations in Excel program most correctly and quickly.

Aware of the seriousness with which the company’s representatives interview its prospective employees, we have included into our materials also answers to the most frequently asked interview questions.

In addition, our PrepPack™ contains tips suggesting you how to comport yourself impressively and how to remain cool even when asked the trickiest questions. Do not squander your chances of getting employed by neglecting to use our resources. Practice with us and join the team of experts at SoftServe.

What is The Caliper Personality Assessment?

This test evaluates applicants’ personality and their general aptitude for the position. It is designed to predict how their personality traits relate to their future performance in a new workplace. Among traits that the Caliper Test measures are general intelligence, acquisition of new skills, and ability to solve multidimensional problems. The test also estimates whether job candidates possess assertiveness, resilience, empathy, self-discipline, thoroughness, and other characteristics.   

There are no right and wrong answers on the Caliper Personality Assessment. Hence, it is impossible to receive an insufficiently high mark on this test and flunk it for this reason. Yet this still does not mean that you cannot fail the Caliper Test. If your answers do not elicit positive feedback from recruiters, you will not qualify for the position. To avoid producing a negative impression, try to prepare for your upcoming examination with JobTestPrep’s resources. In so doing, you will understand what purpose is behind each question and will know what qualities employers seek in job candidates.    

There is also no time limit on the test. You may take a much time as you want to answer its 180 multiple-choice questions and even ask for a time extension. Yet again this does not mean that the Caliper Personality Assessment is easy. For one thing, it is much longer than other personality test that usually contain up to 50 questions. Answering so many questions may tire you out and dull your thinking. There are also grammatically confusing questions.

Watch out for such generalizing negative or positive words as “never,” “not,” or “always,” which can change the valence of the statement and cause you to give a wrong answer. If you practice before you take your actual Caliper Test, you will be more familiar with its questions. Having practiced, you will not make mistakes and will not create a wrong self-presentation on your pre-employment assessment.


SoftServe's Hiring Process

After you apply online, you will have a phone interview with a Human Resources representative. The second step is online testing. Depending on your position, you may be asked to take either the Caliper test or the Logical Reasoning Test, or the Excel Test. You may also have other types of personality test. If your test results are satisfactory, you will be invited for several face-to-face interviews. Prepare to answer a lot of technical questions on your technical interview.

Technical questions may be about multithreading, MySQL, Hibernate, OOD, and Design pattern, among others. You may be asked also about framework and models that you used in your previous workplace.

A leader of the technical team may also go with you over your answers to a list of technical questions that you fill in prior to the interview. Another technical interview might be with a customer. If English is not your mother tongue, you might be given the English Proficiency Test. Provided you do well on all these interviews, you may receive a job offer at SoftServe.

JobTestPrep is ready to give you a helping hand with your pre-employment assessment. Go through a few dry runs of our top-notch practice materials and become employed for your desired position.


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