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Prepare for SABIC with JobTestPrep

Are you really prepared to face off against other applicants in vying for a position at SABIC? Get all the tools you need with JobTestPrep to pass the pre-hire tests and excel during the various interviews and other tasks, which may be asked of you during the SABIC recruitment process.


Success on the SABIC Assessment Test is in Your Hands

Preparing for your SABIC aptitude tests does not have to be a hassle – sign up today and receive exclusive practice assessment tests, score reports, and more!


What to Expect on SABIC’s Interview

There may be many stages of interviews with SABIC. The most common initial interview will occur over the phone with a representative from the Human Resources department. The initial phone interview will generally be a measure for further screening and will include questions regarding your availability, previous work experience, and salary expectations.

In the event your phone interview is successful, you will then be requested to partake in a face-to-face interview. This interview will either be held one-to-one, in a group, or with a panel.

How Will the SABIC Aptitude Assessments Be Scored?

Aptitude assessments are scored by taking your raw score, then comparing it to those of other applicants. This culmination of scores is then compared to the benchmark score which has been provided by the test creator.

How Are the SABIC Personality Tests Scored?

Personality tests are used by SABIC to calculate specific personality traits and workplace competencies. Bear in mind that certain responses may negatively impact your overall personality profile regardless of any disclaimer stating that there are no right or wrong answers.

What Are Situational Questions Asked on the Interview?

When employers ask candidates situational questions, they seek to evaluate their possible behavior in various working situations. What they want to hear from you is a story about a challenging event in your former work place with which you successfully dealt. You need to tell your interviewers why the situation was problematic and what steps you took to resolve it. Recruiters also expect from you to explain why you arrived at a certain decision, what were the alternatives, and why you rejected them as possible solutions. Try to answer situational questions according to the STAR format, dwelling first on the Situation, Test, Action, and Results. If you keep in mind the STAR method while you are answering situational questions, your answers will be fuller and more convincing. JobTestPrep can help you master the STAR method and thus create a more favorable impression on your face-to-face interview.

What Is The SABIC Hiring Process Like?

The SABIC hiring process includes a number of interviews and assessment tests which are used to determine and review your specific skills and abilities. If your competencies are a match for SABIC’s standards, you are likely to be offered the vacant position.

At Which Point in the SABIC Recruitment Process Should I Expect to Take the Aptitude Tests?

You should expect to take the aptitude test either as a prerequisite for an interview, or as part of the interview process. The purpose of the aptitude tests is to find the best candidate for the position being offered.


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