Infor Talent Science Assessment (PeopleAnswers) Test Practice

The Info Talent Science Preparation Pack was created by our experienced psychometric experts, based on thorough research and after getting feedback from hundreds of candidates. If you have any additional questions about the assessments, feel free to send us an email, we usually reply within 24 hours.

What Is PeopleAnswers/ Infor Talent Science?

PeopleAnswers is a company that provides an employment software entirely web-based, which allows employers to monitor and assess job candidates using cognitive and behavioral pre-employment tests. Your employer may ask you to complete one or both of these exams.

PeopleAnswers was bought by Infor in January 2014, a business software company with 70,000 corporate clients worldwide. Therefore, the PeopleAnswers pre-employment exam is now known as the Infor Talent Science Assessment.

Infor Talent Science questionnaires are taken by over 20 million job applicants each year, and are widely used by companies like Foot Locker, Audi, Gold's Gym, Panera, The Cheesecake Factory, Yahoo, Dunkin' Donuts, Neiman Marcus, Walgreens, Lowes, and Hertz.

Infor Talent Science Behavioral Questionnaire 

Info Talent Science Behavioral Questionnaire assesses candidates' behavioral tendencies to predict work performance. This questionnaire was developed by scientists and industrial psychologists based on behavioral theories and evaluates 26 behavioral characteristics related to Leadership ambition, flexibility within a changing work environment, and empathy with fellow coworkers.

PeopleAnswers' personality test is not timed, but it usually takes about 25 minutes to complete. On each question, you must choose one response out of seven responses ranging from 'Strongly Agree' to 'Strongly Disagree'.

These are the kind of questions you could be asked:

  1. Co-workers describe me as assertive.
  2. It is okay to not follow directions in order to complete a task better.
  3. I like to support others and to help them succeed.
  4. Supervisors know that I work better independently than as part of a team. 


How to Answer Behavioral Questions?

The most important tip when answering personality questions is knowing the required characteristics for your position. In other words, how the ideal candidate would answer.

For example, if you are applying for a sales position, one of the most crucial requirements is the ability to be assertive. So, it is important to choose answers that reflect that- on question number one, that would be choosing strongly agree (ratings 6-7).  

The full Infor Talent Science Test Preparation provides practice tests and feedback reports customized to your position, so that you can ensure you choose answers that show you are the most suitable candidate for the role. 

Infor Talent Science Cognitive Test

PeopleAnswers' cognitive ability test consists of 60 questions on verbal and numerical reasoning subjects: number sequences, verbal analogies, and math word problems, under a time limit of 10 minutes. 

Prepare for your PeopleAnswers Assessment

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