Dow Chemical's CEB SHL Test and Interview Practice
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What is the DOW Chemicals Recruitment Process?

Dow Chemicals, now DowDuPont Inc., requires candidates to take SHL Tests to measure their cognitive abilities and a personality test.

The SHL Cognitive Tests included are the SHL Numerical, SHL Verbal, SHL Inductive, and SHL Deductive.

Practice for all SHL Assessments is available on our SHL Prep Course.

SHL Numerical Reasoning Test

The SHL Numerical Reasoning test was created to assess how comfortably you feel calculating and analyzing numbers presented in charts and tables. On the test, you will be asked to study several graphs, charts, or tables and then answer questions based on the given data. It is a multiple-choice exam, giving you up to five options of answers, only one of which is correct. Your task is to select the right answer to each question.

Another test included among CEB SHL numerical tests is the SHL Calculation Test. It measures how well you perform basic mathematical calculations. You will need to show how accurately and quickly you add, subtract, divide, and multiply. Questions posed on the Calculation Test are presented in the form of an equation, one part of which is omitted and designated by the question mark “?”. You will need to calculate the value of the missing number. Both numerical tests are strictly timed. You will have around half a minute to respond to each question. Calculating quickly and precisely may be difficult without preliminary practice. Prepare with JobTestPrep’s tests and improve your time record as well as the accuracy of your calculations.

The Personality Test

Dow Chemical is concerned to hire only those job candidates who will be the right fit for them. From experience, its managers know what kind of people will integrate well with their co-workers. They also want to ensure that their potential employees will not exhibit counterproductive behavior such as time-wasting, pilfering, gossiping, and so on. The Personality Test administered to applicants help weed out people with aberrant, unpleasant personalities and select only those who will make a valuable contribution to the company.

On the test, you will be asked to evaluate emotional reactions of people to specified situations. Or you will be required to rank your own attitude to given statement on the scale from the most agreement to the least agreement. Although you should answer these and other questions honestly, it is still advisable to prepare for your personality assessment.

JobTestPrep’s sophisticated personality test will familiarize you with the types of questions you will meet on your test at Dow Chemical. We will also teach you how to highlight your good personal and professional qualities more strongly and how to create the most favorable impression on your recruiters.

Dow Chemical’s Interview Process

On your actual face-to-face interview, you will need to make a short presentation about your research, if you are a PhD student. This presentation takes about 15 minutes. After it, interviewers will ask you mostly behavioral questions. You will deliver a better performance, if you answer their questions in the STAR format, elaborating on a difficult situation you once faced at work, what tasks you gave yourself and your team members to fulfil, what actions you undertook to solve the problem, and what results you achieved. Tell your recruiters also about what you learned from the whole experience.

If you sail through the first interview with success, you will be invited for the second one with several Dow DuPoint’s managers. They will talk with you about your career goals and will ask you behavioral and technical questions. The successful completion of the second interview may lead to a job offer.

JobTestPrep offers you a rich arsenal of test preparations. Go through several dry runs of what we offer in our exclusive PrepPack™ and join the team of experts at Dow Chemical.     

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