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What's Included

  • 9 full-length Wonderlic-style tests
  • Diagnostic test - learn your strengths and improve your weaknesses
  • Including five 50-question and four 30-question practice tests
  • A complete Wonderlic study guide - 56 pages of tips on how to quickly solve each type of questions
  • Extra practice drills in logical reasoning, language competences, number series, and graph reasoning and patterns
  • Including all question types seen on the real test
  • Fully detailed score reports & explanations
  • Secured payment
  • Immediate online access
  • Exclusive to JobTestPrep


As part of your admission process, you may need to pass a Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (SLE) with a minimum score that depends on your prospective program. This test can be tricky, which is why JobTestPrep offers you a comprehensive preparation pack for the Wonderlic SLE. The pack includes nine full-length practice tests with answers and in-depth explanations, solving strategies, test tips, extra practice drills to help sharpen your skills, and a complete 56-page Wonderlic study guide. Maximize your chances of admission by practicing with our Wonderlic preparation pack.

Remington College Admissions Process

If you are looking into attending Remington College, you will be required to first complete their admissions and enrollment process:

  • Meet with an admissions representative and schedule a campus tour to make sure that this college’s program is right for you
  • Select a program that meets your personal and professional requirements
  • Complete an application and enrollment agreement while ensuring that your application is up-to-date and complete
  • Provide proof of your high school diploma or GED by having all your paperwork ready so as to avoid unnecessary delays in your admissions process
  • Take and pass the entrance exam by preparing for the Wonderlic exams (outlined and explained below)
  • Review your financial aid options

Remington College Wonderlic Entrance Exams

Remington College uses Wonderlic’s Scholastic Level Entrance Exam for its admissions and enrollment exam. The Wonderlic Scholastic Level Entrance Exam, also known as SLE, is a cognitive ability test that is used to measure how quickly and thoroughly students can understand instructions, learn and comprehend new material, and cope with the difficulty of school.

The SLE consists of 50 questions which are to be completed within a 12-minute time limit.

Prepare for the SLE with JobTestPrep’s resources which include various practice tests, hundreds of sample questions, a comprehensive study guide, user-friendly score reports, and efficient solving tips and methods. Start preparing today and ensure your success.

Remington College Entrance Exam Scores

Each faculty requires a different minimum passing score for the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam. According to Remington’s requirements in a 2015 report, the following are the minimum passing scores for various programs:



Computer & Network Administration


Physical Therapist Assistant


Dental Hygiene


Process Technology


All other associate degree programs


Diploma programs


Pass the SLE on your first try by preparing with JobTestPrep’s preparation packages. Our SLE PrepPack™ can help you not only ace the exam, but understand the material and content behind the exam.

About Remington College

Remington College, established in 1987, has produced over 75,000 graduates. Remington offers both online and on-campus options, as it currently has 15 locations across the United States.  It offers 10 different diploma programs and over 25 degrees programs (including both associates’ and bachelors’ degrees). Tuition varies by state and program but costs an average of $14,500.

With thousands of students attending each year, Remington will grow and the admissions process will continue to become more competitive. Therefore, it is wise to prepare with JobTestPrep to ensure that your application makes the cut. Our practice tests and questions, accompanied by detailed answer explanations and efficient solving methods, will give you and your application the edge it needs to surpass the competition. 

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