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In this PrePack™ you will find 2 detailed Ramsay MecTest tests. As an added bonus we will also include an interview preparation bundle pack that includes a study guide, video tutorial, a specialized interview preparation, and a questionnaire filled with common questions and an answer key collection. Along with the interview bonus, we have attached 52 personality tests to help raise your awareness to what managers are looking for.

Who is This Pack Aimed For?

The target audience for this PrepPack™ is for mechanical maintenance personnel who have long since completed an apprenticeship program. Ramsay MecTest is designated for job applicants to further prove that they have the necessary mechanical knowledge needed to fulfill the position. Furthermore, by purchasing this package, you will be able to refresh your memory to common questions that one needs to know when it comes to repairing and maintenance situations.


What's Included

  • 2 Full-Length Ramsay Institute-Style MecTest Practice Tests
  • 1 Interview Preparation Bundle Pack
  • 5 Study guides
  • Bonus: 52 Personality Tests
  • Money Back Guarantee – See Terms and Conditions

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