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With increasing competition in the job seeking market, you should come prepared to your Qualcomm tests and interviews. Our preparation packs will provide you with the guidance and knowledge to pass the tests and guide with ease.

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Excel at your Qualcomm Interview

Not sure what type of questions to expect at the Qualcomm interview? Here are some questions asked at recent interviews in various categories.

Software Engineer Interview

You should prepare for highly technically oriented interviews, where you will be asked to perform various engineering tasks within the format of the interviews.

  • Q: Can you reverse a string via python?
  • Q: Can you differentiate regression vs classification?
  • Q: Can you explain the data structure of dynamic memory?
  • Q: Can you find the errors within this code?
  • Q: Look at this function and tell me if it is a safe thread and why.

Customer Service Interview

Aside from the technical aspect of the interview, the interview may be conducted in panel format.

  • Q: Please use the Verilog hardware description language to design a variable size decoder?
  • Q: Please explain a 2-bit shift register and then design it.
  • Q: How would you go about using 2D to reconstruct 3D?
  • Q: Please explain charge-pump in laymen’s terms.
  • Q: If a process is interrupted what gets saved and where?

Qualcomm Test

The hiring process may include a range of tests, here are some examples of tests you may be administered.

Abstract Reasoning Test

The abstract reasoning, test is used to assess the ability to understand and analyse visual information through pattern recognition, as well as the ability to generate hypotheses, change tracks, and critically evaluate. By utilising shapes and images to depict specific logic patterns and/or processes, these tests are able to measure general intelligence, abstract thinking skills, and how well you can problem solve.

Numerical Assessment Test

On the Numerical Test, you will have different types of tasks. Among other things, you will need to interpret data appearing in tables, graphs, and charts. You will also need to calculate percentages and proportions and perform operations with fractions and ratios.


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