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Coming to your pre-employment assessment unprepared leads to failure. Lest you snatch defeat from the jaws of victory on your test, prepare for it with JobTestPrep’s resources. Purchase our materials and be welcomed on board of the company of your choice.

Start Practicing!

Preparing for the Interview

Prosperoware interviews will likely include three primary stages : Pre-interview, the interview and the post-interview. The pre-interview stage is your preparation stage, including making questions and prepping answers, updating your resume, researching the company and the big one, making sure you are on time! During the interview itself make sure you maintain good eye contact, have a strong pitch and try to give positive answers even when they question your record. Most importantly do you best to highlight your skills and don’t talk about salary till the end. The post interview is always the hardest because you want to follow up, but don’t want to sound desperate, or worse, annoy them. The next day send a short thank you note thanking them for their time and whatever you do, don’t post about the experience on Facebook.

Assessment Centre

Depending on the country the position will be located in you may be called into to an assessment centre as the last segment in the Prosperoware recruitment process. These events generally last no more than a day and are either held on company property or in a rented-out venue.

During the (COMPANY) assessment centre, you should expect to participate in several group activities, job simulations, assessment tests, and interviews alongside other applicants who will also be attending.

Interview Questions to Expect

    • Greatest strength and weakness?
    • What do you have that other candidates don’t?
    • Why did you choose to send us your resume?
    • Do you do well under pressure and provide an example?

Popular Pre-Hire Tests

Aptitude Test

Employers want to ensure that they hire the right sort of people who possess cognitive abilities necessary to perform their roles well. The Aptitude Test allows employers to ascertain whether job candidates possess effective problem-solving skills, the ability to learn new skills quickly, ability to integrate new information, and the ability to deal with ambiguity in decision making.

Verbal Test

Practice is your greatest precursor for successfully completing the (COMPANY) verbal assessment. JobTestPrep offers a wide variety of practice tests and study guides to give you the edge you need throughout the entire recruitment process.

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