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Going into any hiring process can be a daunting process and Panasonic is no exception. JobTestPrep will fully prepare you for every step of the process including online tests, for example, the Caliper Personality Test and mathematical exams. Additionally, JobTestPrep will provide you with insights in passing the interview segments that you will not get anywhere.

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Panasonic Interview Process

Everyone is looking for a scoop on the interview, so wait no longer. We have researched recent interviews at Panasonic to build for you a profile of what your upcoming interview process may look like.

Phone Screening

The interview will be very short in nature and will briefly review your resume, work history, and primary skill-sets. The phone rep will review the job specs and ensure you are still interested.

Phone Interview

The next stage of the process is a phone interview. In the phone interview, you will be drilled on your resume and they will look for holes in your story. You will be asked more specific questions in regard to your soft and hard skills in an attempt to assess if you can do the job.

On-Site Interview

Lastly, you will be brought in for an on-site interview. This last interview may be conducted either one-on-one or at times in a panel setting. Regardless, JobTestPrep will make sure you are ready to go so sign that contact.


The Caliper Test

First, it should be understood that this test is not a pass or fail, but rather is a sort of fact-finding mission regarding your motivations, natural strengths, and career trajectory for the role you are seeking to fill. In essence, this test dives into your traits, which will tell a lot about how you will handle the job at hand.

So how does the test work? The test may be taken either online or old school format (pen and paper) at the company’s discretion. You can expect 180 question in a multiple-choice format which must be completed within a three-hour time frame. Note that you must answer every question or it will not be able to be scored with blanks. You can read here more about the Caliper test.

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