NOCTI Test: Questions & Answers (2024)

What Is The NOCTI Test?

The National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI) is a non-profit organization that provides skill-based, industry credentials across the United States for various educational and professional levels.

Founded in 1996 by the U.S. Commissioner of Education, NOCTI aims to enhance technical education (CTE), supporting states in developing a skill-based workforce to improve America's workforce. Initially focused on students, NOCTI has expanded to offer diverse assessments, certifications, and career training services.

Employers nationwide recognize NOCTI credentials and scores, as they aim to assist students and workers in improving job prospects and advancing careers. In essence, NOCTI credentials measure job readiness, support employment promotions, and contribute to advancing careers and technical education. Accordingly, a favorable score can significantly impact professional development. NOCTI is valuable for measuring student achievement in CTE programs, assessing employees, and identifying potential training needs.

You can find other assessment companies and test providers such as Harver, I/O Solutions, and Ergometrics. They offer different industry credentials and standardized exams which help enhance talent acquisition processes.

NOCTI Test Questions 

Applied Electrical/Electronic Theory

1. In the circuit shown below, what is the power dissipated by R3?

A. 450 W
B. 300 W
C. 120 W
D. 400 W 
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The parallel resistance of R1 and R2 is 5 Ohm, so the total resistance of the circuit is 12.5 Ohm. This means the total current is 20A, which means that the total voltage over R1 and R2 is 100V. Power is given by V2/R. Therefore, P=1002/25=400W

2. What is the primary function of solenoids in electrical circuits?

A. Storing electrical energy.
B. Transforming electrical energy into light.
C. Serving as switches or valves through plunger movement.
D. Restricting the current flow. 
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The main use of solenoids in electrical circuits is to serve as switches or valves by utilizing a magnetic field to move a plunger.


Equipment Controls and Sensors

3. The primary component that senses the motor speed and sends feedback to the VFD is:

A. Transformer
B. Encoder
C. Relay
D. Circuit breaker
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

An encoder is used in motor-driven systems to sense the speed (and sometimes position) of the motor. This feedback is sent to the VFD to ensure accurate speed control.

4. While utilizing a closed-loop control system, feedback is provided to the:

A. Sensor only.
B. Actuator only.
C. Controller to adjust and achieve desired output.
D. External network for data logging. 
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

In a closed-loop control system, feedback is continuously provided to the controller, allowing it to adjust and achieve the desired output based on its current state. The correct answer C - Controller to adjust and achieve desired output.

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NOCTI Business Solutions

NOCTI Business Solutions (NBS) is a specialized section of the organization that works as a leading provider of industry credentials and assessments for a wide variety of pre-employment testing. NBS’s services are designed to help businesses improve their hiring process and assess skills in an unbiased way as well as to develop effective training programs.

NBS's products and services are designed to help businesses improve their hiring process, assess the skills and knowledge of their current employees beforehand, and develop effective training programs. A team of experts works with businesses to create customized solutions that meet their specific needs.

NOCTI Business Solutions also offers customized pre employment testing solutions developed to meet the specific needs of each employer. Their group of experts can develop custom pre-employment tests for companies hiring for a certain position with specific job skills needed to identify training goals.

NBS tests are fair and accurate, and they are aligned with industry standards. They are also easy to use, and they can be administered online or in person.

NBS offers a variety of services including:

  • Pre-employment tests – These tests are designed to help employers identify qualified candidates and make informed hiring decisions. NBS offers a variety of pre-employment tests, including aptitude and cognitive ability tests, skills tests, and personality tests.
  • Job skills assessments – These assessments are designed to measure the skills of current employees or to identify training needs. NBS offers a variety of job skills assessments, including assessments for specific skills, such as welding, computer programming, mechanical aptitude, and healthcare. As well as assessments for general skills, such as problem-solving and communication.
  • Prior Learning Assessments (PLAs) – These assessments aim to assess the skills and knowledge that you have gained through prior work experience, education, and training. PLA can work as industry credentials or to meet educational requirements. NBS offers a variety of PLAs for skills such as math and English.
  • Training Consultancy Services – This service helps businesses develop and implement effective training programs. NBS training experts work with businesses to identify training needs and to develop tailored training programs and material.

NOCTI Exam Scores

After taking a NOCTI test, you will receive a score report including the following:

  • Overall Score – This score represents your overall performance on the assessment, calculated by averaging your scores on each test section.
  • Section Scores – These scores are your performance on each assessment's section. They identify your strengths and weaknesses in specific areas.
  • Cut Scores – These represent the minimum scores needed to pass the assessment and receive a NOCTI certification. These scores follow rigorous industry standards.

To interpret your NOCTI exam score, you should first compare your score to the cut score for the assessment. If your score surpasses the cut score, you have passed and earned a NOCTI certification. Otherwise, if your score is below the minimum, you have not passed the assessment and need to retake it.

You can also use your NOCTI score to compare your performance to other test-takers. NOCTI provides normative data for each assessment, which shows how your score compares to other test-takers in your state, region, and nationally.

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Are NOCTI certifications worth it?

The NOCTI certification aids students and workers to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in a particular occupation. Companies also benefit from requiring candidates to pass specific NOCTI assessments, making the hiring process unbiased, and increasing the likelihood of finding a good match for the position. 

Certifications are available in over 120 occupations across a wide range of industries, including automotive technology, construction, cosmetology, culinary arts, electrical, healthcare, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), information technology, manufacturing, and welding.

Passing a NOCTI test serves as a voucher and certification of the applicant’s skills and knowledge, even without prior work experience. Overall, the NOCTI certification is a valuable career credential that can help students and workers achieve their career goals.

What industries or occupations does the NOCTI test cover?

The NOCTI test covers many career and technical education (CTE) pathways across industries. It includes categories like Agriculture, Construction, Arts, Business, Education, Finance, Government, Health Science, Hospitality, Human Services, IT, Law, Manufacturing, Marketing, STEM, and Transportation.

If you want to know the specific tests for occupations within each category have a look at their official website. NOCTI also provides education professional certifications for teachers and administrators in CTE programs. The exams you take depend on your desired career pathway and state requirements.

How do I take a NOCTI exam?

You can visit the NOCTI website and register to take the assessment. 

The assessment is available to complete online. You can expect your results within a few weeks of taking the assessment, either online or by mail.



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