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Kenexa Test Provider

After conducting thorough research, JobTestPrep has determined that a common test provider Navigant Consulting uses is Kenexa. Kenexa is a branch of IMB that provides companies with an asortment of assessment tests. The mission is to give skill sets required to better understand a potential candidate for the chosen position. Kenexa specializes in administering numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning tests. Treat yourself to our test simulation, now:

Navigant Consulting’s Hiring Process

Navigant Consulting takes their hiring process extremely seriously. They want to ensure that you will be the perfect fit for their multi-billion company. You will not simply be sized-up professionally but also analyzied personally. Thus, the application process can take months to complete. Below are the explained steps that lie ahead for your future career at Navigant Consulting:

  • Online Resume Submission: Although you can apply online, most people find an unsolicited job seeking website to apply from.
  • (Pre) Employment Screening: As mentioned above, Navigant Consulting thoroughly analyze their candidates. It is not surprising that previous job applicants have receive 4 separate phone interviews before heading to the office to meet the management team.
  • Skype Interview: As a substitution for the phone interview, you may be asked to Skype into your future employer’s office. The interview can take just shy of an hour to complete. Interview questions can will center around behavior.
  • Face-to-Face Interview: The in-person interview poteintly will be multiple hours. Commonly, you will be interviewed by various people, followed by a possible sit-down lunch. The lunch is a designed to better understand how you interact on a personal note. After the lunch you likely will be subjected to additional interviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigant Consulting will likely dig into your personal life and ask surprising questions to better equip them with the proper knowledge to decide if you are a good candidate for their company. Here are a few common questions they have asked past applicants:

  • What do you do in your spare time?
  • Solve this problem with your analytical skills.
  • Tell us about a mistake you made in your previous job.


Special Military Veterans' Program

If you’ve recently completed the military, Navigant Consulting wants you. They understand that you have left the military with various skill sets and want you to feel comfortable in your returned civilian career. The company feels that they can easily liquify your military tools to better promote their company. Frequently Navigant Consulting is able to utilize people like you. You can apply on their main website.

Navigant Consulting Subsidiaries
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