Get Prepared For Your Accenture Assessment Test

It's never easy to get a job at Accenture. However, if you prepare correctly and well, you can significantly improve your chances of getting placed.

Accenture's recruitment team must quickly sift through thousands of job applications each year. This is why psychometric exams are required as part of Accenture's hiring procedure. The easiest and most credible means to weed out unfit prospects is to use online psychometric aptitude tests.

Stage 1: Submitting Online Application

Once you've determined the position, you'd want to apply for, fill out the online application form, which includes information on your education and academic achievements, relevant work experience, and potentially some short competency questions. 

Assert yourself as a candidate who will fit into Accenture's company culture. 

Identify your personal experiences that align with Accenture's six fundamental values for all candidates: 

Stewardship: You should accept responsibility, strive to improve and make attempts to better communities and the environment at large.

Best People: The organization trains and pushes its employees, and they are expected to have a "can-do" mentality. 

Client Value Creation: You should pay attention to your client's requirements and be prepared to provide the best service possible. 

One Global Network: To create and nurture relationships and encourage collaboration around the globe, you must approach problems from a global viewpoint. 

Individual Respect: You must exemplify Accenture's attitude to inclusion and diversity. 

Integrity: To establish trust, you must display high ethical standards, be honest, and take responsibility for your actions. 

Online Application Tip 

Always apply as soon as possible— candidates are often evaluated on a rolling basis, so applying early can greatly improve your prospects. Always double-check your application form for any errors. 

Any future references will be based on the application form. Prepare to devote more effort to ensure that the information you provide accurately portrays you as a person and the candidate that Accenture is seeking. Make written notes or duplicates of everything you've entered into the application. During the interview, you may be asked for more information. 


Stage 2: Immersive Assessment | Online Aptitude Tests

Accenture uses different assessments for different positions. The most popular assessments used by Accenture are the Immersive Online Assessment and the Accenture Pymetrics Assessment.

The Immersive Online Assessment is used to evaluate candidates' cognitive functions and abilities, as well as their familiarity with technological advances and overall business knowledge. 

You will be given a variety of evaluations to aid Accenture recruiters to assess your profile against the following capabilities, depending on the specific post and market for which you applied: 

  • Motivated apprentice
  • Online collaborator
  • Tech advocate
  • Client partner

Accenture Pymetrics

Following the application, you might be required to complete a quick psychometric exam. If you do well, you will be given an online assessment consisting of 12 games offered by Pymetrics that measure various cognitive capabilities and personality qualities. There is no time limit on each game— each might take several minutes to complete.

Click here for the full Pymetrics games guide.


There are other online assessments that you might be required to take, based on the position you applied to. Some assessments include a work scenario or a business case study.

You should portray yourself throughout the Accenture Online Assessments as someone who: 

  • is always eager to learn more communicates effortlessly with coworkers in person or online 
  • is intrigued by new technologies and seeks ways to apply them 
  • shows complete professionalism in assisting clients in achieving their goals 

Accenture's online evaluations often include a combination of regular psychometric tests, such as: 

  • Job Simulation
  • Situational Analysis 
  • Personality based Questionnaire 
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Accenture Communication Assessment Evaluation

Job simulation 

Accenture Job Simulation is divided into two psychometric tests: 

  • Situational Judgement Test
  • Work Personality Questionnaire

The composition in which you will take Accenture's Situational Judgement Test and Work Personality Questionnaire is distinctive from the conventional test form. You are expected to be asked the topics as part of the immersive business case study, seeking to measure:

  • what you believe are suitable reactions to problems based on some common work situations 
  • what your preferred working style is 
  • and whether it meets the criteria required of an Accenture candidate

Situational Judgement Test (SJT)

Accenture Situational Judgement Tests present the candidate with a made-up scenario based on some of the most typical difficulties faced by employees at firms such as Accenture on a daily basis. These could be detecting a critical arithmetic error during an ongoing presentation, getting challenged by a client or partner on your engagement, or needing to fix a communication difficulty with a colleague.

SJT is particularly tough because all of the responses will appear to be valid. They'll all have some good peculiarities, so you'll have to figure out which are practical and which are Accenture's preferences.


When taking the Accenture Situational Judgement Test, keep in mind the type of work culture you'd anticipate to find at Accenture (consulting), as well as the attitudes and skills that typical Accenture applicants possess. Then try to apply what you've learned to the scenarios you're working on.

Work Personality Questionnaire

Unlike ability exams, there are no right or incorrect answers on Accenture's Personality Questionnaire. It will evaluate your own inclinations within Accenture's work environment, such as consulting and working with corporate clients. Keep in mind that having a specific choice will not earn you more points as a candidate. 

There's a common misconception that there's no right or wrong answers in personality assessments. That's obviously not true, as these tests are used to shortlist candidates. When responding to the Accenture Online Assessment Personality Questionnaire, try to emphasize the characteristics you consider make you ideal for the role applied for.

Numerical Reasoning Test

The Accenture Numerical Reasoning Test is designed to assess your numerical reasoning abilities. The majority of your calculations will be ordinary GCSE/High School Math arithmetic. Accenture's numerical reasoning test is challenging not because of the knowledge required but because of how you reason with the facts supplied under time constraints. 

Because you will only have a minute to answer each question, practising numerical reasoning exam questions is ideal for ensuring that you do your best. This way, you will become more familiar with common problems and feel more comfortable, which will help you gain confidence.

Remember that the stress and time constraints make things difficult, not a lack of expertise! You'll have to learn how to deal with them. By far, the most effective way is to practice tests in a safe atmosphere before your actual test.


Communication Assessment Test

Accenture Online Assessment Communication test evaluates candidates' communication abilities. It is divided into six segments, each of which is asked verbally by a pre-recorded speaker. 

We'll give you a quick rundown of each section of Accenture's Communication Assessment: 



This round will put your reading skills to the test. A series of eight sentences will appear on the screen, and you will have 20-30 seconds to read them loudly. 



This component assesses your ability to listen to and repeat verbal communication. You will be asked to repeat the phrases that the speaker has read aloud to you.



Simple questions are posed in this section, to which you should respond in not more than a few words. The questions will be straightforward and not overly complex.


mixed up sentences  

You will have to reassemble scrambled sentences into understandable phrases in this section. 


Retelling a tale

You will hear a brief story in this segment, which you will be asked to retell afterward. 

Make sure you comprehend the story's main points and, if required, jot down names or locations.



This segment will require you to give a one-minute presentation on two different questions or topics that do not require any prior knowledge or preparation. Concentrate on crafting precise and coherent sentences while keeping in mind the limited time limit.


Stage 3: Digital Interview

You will be called to a first-round interview after successfully completing Online Assessment and Accenture Pymetrics tests. Previously, this was done over the phone, but nowadays, most candidates are interviewed via the internet using a program called HireVue

You'll be asked a series of questions and given a set amount of time to record your responses, which will be evaluated and scored afterward. This is called a pre-recorded interview.

HireVue employs sophisticated self-learning algorithms to match your body language to Accenture's desired competencies. Your body language and tone will be revealed because this is a video interview. As a result, you should make sure you appear relaxed and confident, as this will give the interviewer a positive impression and make it simpler for them to follow what you're saying.


Following are some examples of questions asked during Accenture interviews: 

  • Tell us a little bit more about yourself. 
  • What are your motivations behind joining Accenture? 
  • What do you find fascinating about the field to which you applied? 
  • What exactly does Accenture accomplish as a business? 
  • How does Accenture aid its clients with technology? 
  • Tell us about a time when you had to offer assistance and support to someone. 
  • Tell us about a moment when you had to work with a challenging coworker and how you dealt with the situation. 
  • Tell us about a time when you had to rise to the occasion and demonstrate your leadership abilities. 
  • Tell us about a time when you were confronted with a situation that required you to utilize your imagination to solve.


Stage 4: Accenture Assessment Centre

The Assessment Centre, which will take place at Accenture offices, is the final stage of the Accenture Online Assessment Recruitment Process. 

Accenture's Assessment Center is usually divided into three sections: 

  • Group Activity
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Assessment
  • Technical Assessments and Interviews

In the prevalent Covid-19 pandemic times, this part of the process will be virtual depending on your region and the role you apply for. You can expect to participate in the same types of exercises and tests, with the exception of a shift in the environment from an office to an online video evaluation.


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