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The Accenture Hiring Process

  1. Search and find roles via the Accenture website: The user-friendly search engine allows you to filter your job search by interests, qualifications, and location. You can also check the Accenture Events Calendar on their website
  2. Submit your application online via the Accenture website or at a recruitment event: Answer application questions strategically. Since this is the first critical screening stage in the Accenture hiring process, elaborate on how you've effectively applied your skills and strengths in the past.
  3. Phone interview: Upon reviewing your application and recognizing your potential as an Accenture candidate, an Accenture recruiter may contact you for a comprehensive phone interview.
  4. In-house interview(s) with executive/senior staff and/or test document: Depending on the role for which you're applying at Accenture, you may have anywhere from 1-2 in-house interviews that may include tests pertaining to the following:
  • Behavioral capacity and interpersonal skills
  • Technical abilities and practical skill application for real-life workplace challenges that may include hands-on tests.
  • Case study interview

Aptitude and Assessment tests

  1. Predictive Index Learning Indicator (PI LI) cognitive ability tests, applicable to sales and consulting roles
  2. Aptitude tests may be required for software engineering roles, and/or for graduates with a lower GPA.  
  3. Salary negotiations and receiving an offer: Accenture will extend an official job offer, whereby you can negotiate salary, employment terms, and benefits.

Accenture Job Application

Once you've found a relevant role at Accenture, assess your skills and customize your CV for the position.

The online application process is comprised of practical and behavioral questions for Accenture recruiters to assess problem-solving skills—read every question carefully. This critical stage of the Accenture recruitment process is your chance to illustrate your ability to apply your knowledge and skills in various situations. Answer strategically with real-life examples of how you may have dealt with situations similar to those listed in the application.

First impressions are extremely important; Be meticulous and check application answers for spelling and content. Save a copy to reference before interviewing at Accenture.

Accenture Job Interview

Your first Accenture interview is typically held in-house by an HR employee. Some Accenture interview questions assess your independent and teamwork skills, while others assess your response to unexpected or high-pressure scenarios. Accenture recruiters assess your strategy building, problem-solving skills, leadership skills and your ability to think outside of the box in various scenarios.

Some of the archetypal questions of Accenture interview include:

  • What would you if the light switch doesn't work when you get home?
  • Describe a situation/project that required teamwork to achieve specific goals.
  • What are some of your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are some of your long-term and short-term career goals, and how will employment at  Accenture contribute to achieving these goals?
  • Why are you the ideal candidate for the role?

Accenture technical interview questions

  • What interests you in the role you're applying for, and why Accenture?
  • What were some routine tasks and responsibilities in your previous position(s)?
  • What do you know about how we approach your field and the hierarchical infrastructure of the department?
  • Questions about using X using Y or Z methodology— these may include leading and frequently used coding, consulting or engineering methodologies and techniques. Outline the step-by-step process map and the applied techniques or methods you would use.

Prepare with JobTestPrep

JobTestPrep is a leader in assessment test and job recruitment process preparation, with over a decade of generating practice tests based on current job market trends and employer needs. With a collaborative team of experts that research and produce comprehensive aptitude test and interview preparation packages, JobTestPrep ensures you have the insights, practice, and knowledge to feel confident and stand out as an ideal candidate for the job. 


Accenture Assessment Tests

Accenture consults a range of industries,  with staff coming from technical, engineering, consulting, administrative and digital marketing backgrounds. You may need to take a variety of Accenture assessment tests, including the following :

  • Personality test
  • PI LI test
  • Predictive Index (PI) test
  • Aptitude tests
  • Behavioral and technical interviews

Positions JobTestPrep Can Prepare You For

JobTestPrep can help you prepare for the recruitment process for various roles at Accenture such as associate software engineer, analyst, business analyst, consultant, manager, intern, and more. Our comprehensive packs offer materials that help you with the Accenture hiring process,  customized by position with practice tests, score reports, writing exercises, interview simulations and more.

What are some of the benefits for Accenture employees?

Depending on your role, experience level, and hiring contract, Accenture employees can enjoy a variety of medical insurance, healthcare, and dental benefits, paid time off pending your contract agreement and conditions, and great exposure to a wide range of industries serviced.

Where can I meet Accenture recruitment representatives as a student looking for my first job?

Accenture tours all over the U.S., attending a variety of job fairs and recruitment events at universities. Students and new graduates can expedite their recruitment process in meeting Accenture staff at these events,  preempting the initial screening process by meeting face-to-face.

What kinds of interview questions are to be expected at Accenture interviews?

Interview questions, particularly in the first screening interview, will range from inquiries about your weaknesses, strengths, skill set, career goals, application of skills, conflict resolution and problem-solving, both independently and within a team.

What is the time span of the full Accenture hiring process?

Depending on recruitment needs, the Accenture hiring process can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. For positions that require higher level technical, mathematical or scientific knowledge and skills, the recruitment process can be more vigilant and require a range of tests and interviews.

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