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Have you been asked to take a Mettl assessment? Want to ace your test and get the job? Get ready for your Mettl online test with JobTestPrep practice kits – read on to see how we can help optimize your score.
Mettl-Style Sample Questions

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Mettl Tests Information

Mettl has four types of pre-built tests:

  1. Aptitude & ability tests – measure your general, verbal , quantitative, and mechanical aptitudes.
  2. Programming tests – assess your programming language skills in Python, SQL, Java, C++, C#, and more.
  3. Psychometric Tests – measure your motivation, leadership skills, stress management skills, and cognitive abilities.
  4. Functional Tests – include finance-related tests, decision-making assessments, and more.

Apart from these pre-built tests, Mettl also enables your employer to create their own tests specifically designed for their hiring needs, including Mettle software skills tests, and more.

Format and Scoring

Since Mettl is a cloud-based service, all of their assessments are conducted online. Each Mettl test has its own distinct structure and time limit; some tests are timed and some are not.

About Mettl

Formed in 2012, Mettl is a relatively new company in the job assessment and talent management field. Since then, Mettl has created an online platform that includes pre-built tests as well as custom-built ones.

Mettl assessments are used by several large companies in the US and in India. Among Mettl’s clients are Sbarro, McGraw Hill Education, Sears, SAP, Monster, and Ericsson, as well as the Indian companies Myntra, Wipro, ClearTrip, and IndiaMart.

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