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The Hiring Process at Jabil

The company provides applicants with the ability to choose from so many various job paths and positions, including business analysis, finance, a wide range of engineering positions, machinists, along with a host of managerial positions. Additionally, for those who are not yet certain about their career direction, the company hosts interns to help you kickstart a career. While bearing in mind that the hiring process at Jabil may differ for various it’s open positions, let's look at the Engineering Interview process to getter a better sense of what you could expect.

Engineering Interview & Hiring Process

Trying out for the Engineering position will include a three-step process in addition to the pre-hire testing. Here is what you have to know.

    • Human Resources Interview: The first stage begins with a phone call from an HR representative to provide you with an overview of the position and the company and to get to know you as well. Make sure that you know your CV like the back of your hand so that you do not get called out.
    • Facility Tour: Make no mistake about it, the tour you receive of the facility is as vital to the interview process as sitting in the hot chair. Take the opportunity to show your interest and ask well throughout and serious questions about operations, systems and day to day responsibilities./li>
    • In-Peron Interview: This segment will include many questions about your resume along with technical questions as well. Before the interview make sure to brush up on your physics, as you will receive questions regarding things like heat & light and electricity & magnetism, so be prepared.

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Jabil Pre-Hire Tests and Interviews

Many applicants have questions before their pre-hire tests and interviews. Well, we have got answers.

Why Do Companies Administer the PI?

Hiring managers rely on the Predictive Index (PI) Behavioral Assessment to better asses several important characteristic categories, which include:

    • Formality
    • Extroversion
    • Dominance
    • PatienceEach of these characteristics is important in helping to better understand your capability to consistently perform under the specification of the job requirements. Your responses on the PI indicate behavioral propensities are instrumental towards this goal. Note that the test will include two pages with a total of 172 adjectives.

How Can I best prepare for the Numerical Test?

Turning to JobTestPrep to help you prepare for this test is important because the tests will include concepts and ideas that you have probably not touched since your college days. While you may be able to find questions lists, it is more difficult to find answers and have a method of verifying and checking those answers. Our practice packs allow you to better see which areas need improvement by including answers and explanations to make sure you are fully prepared for test day. Moreover, our tests will come in the form of the tests you will take in real time making it that much easier. How are the Verbal Assessments Scored?

Verbal assessments are scored by taking your raw score, then comparing it to those of other applicants. This culmination of scores is then compared to the benchmark score which has been provided by the test creator.


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