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What to Expect During the Enterprise Products Hiring Process

What should you expect during the hiring process?<

Enterprise Products’s official interview process will usually begin with a several minute screening phone call to see if the potential candidate matches the job description (at least on paper). Upon successfully passing the screening call, you can expect to move on to preliminary pre-hiring tests. After acing the tests, you will then be invited for one or more sit-downs with representatives from the HR department, the hiring managers and beyond (depending on the seniority of the position). Each stage of the hiring process aims to uncover your availability, salary expectations, personality, and knowhow.

How Many References Should I Give to My Employers?

Many employers find references to be an important part of the hiring process. Before providing names, think of which managers and co-workers you had the best working relationship with and use them as references. The better the working relationship, the more likely they are to give you a glowing review and personal recommendation. If the manager did not know you well they will just give you a generic review, which will not sound all that impressive. As a rule, listing three people will be enough for most of the recruiters. If you are applying for a managerial position, add two or three more people to your list of references. And do not forget to list them in the order of importance.

Actively preparing for Pre-Hire Exams

After all, is said and done, Enterprise Products want to know what hard and soft skills you truly have and pre-hire exams help them determine your suitability for the position.

Start Practicing!

Pre-Hire Tests

Here are some popular questions and answers about your upcoming testsp>

Numerical and Mathematical Test

Are Calculators allowed when taking the Numerical Test? As a general rule, calculators are not acceptable when taking the Numerical Tests. The goal of the test is to evaluate with precision how well you can use your own mind and skills to calculate and analyze numerical data without outside aids. You will however, be provided with a rough sheet of paper and a pencil to help you work out the calculations.


What is the aim of the SJT? The ability to communicate and mediate between co-workers, management or clientele is crucial to the success of a team and the company at large. The company wants to ensure that you have the capability to find solutions to both day-to-day and complicated that may arise. Jobs bring on big pressures and your future employee wants to know if you can cope.

Verbal Test

How is the verbal reasoning test formulated? You will be presented with a short extract from a text accompanied by statements whose truth value you will be required to estimate. You will need to evaluate whether a statement made about the text is true or false. There will be statements, however, whose truth value will be impossible to estimate due to the insufficiently of the information revealed in the text. If this is the case, mark the statement as “Cannot Say.


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