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Five Distinct Criteria Personality Exams

The large number of businesses that utilize a Criteria behavioral assessment generally use this test as the hurdle that places you in the job or terminates your application. Five personality inventories have been established by Criteria, each addressing the important character traits that correspond to job performance in specific fields. For each trait tested, scoring is converted into a percentile ranking order. The score report of each candidate determines the pool of candidates that are actually considered for the job.

The five Criteria tests include:

  1. Criteria Personality Inventory (CPI)
    This character and behavioral analysis is sourced in the Big Five theory of basic workplace traits: Agreeableness, extroversion, conscientiousness, openness and stability/neuroticism. The Big Five Personality Tests will help you with that matter

    Many experts in the field of employment psychology consider conscientiousness to be the key factor in the willingness of employees to do a good job. For sales-related positions, however, agreeableness and extroversion have been shown to correlate most highly with employee performance.
  2. Employee Personality Profile (EPP)
    Criteria’s EPP measures work style, interaction with customers and managers, and teamwork through the assessment of 12 job-related personality characteristics. The timeframe for this exam is 15 minutes for the completion of 140 items.

    Specific traits measured include: Achievement, assertiveness, managerial, competitiveness, conscientiousness, cooperativeness, extroversion, motivation, openness, patience, self-confidence and stability.
  3. Workplace Productivity Profile (WPP)
    This test assesses conscientiousness, productivity and reliability. As an integrity test, the WPP is generally administered for entry-level positions that focus on trustworthiness and policy adherence.

    Four traits are assessed in the WPP: Conscientiousness, integrity/honesty, perseverance, and attitudes toward theft, fraud and wasting time.

    Some of the positions that carry this exam include home healthcare workers, cashiers, retail sales personnel, field service technicians and security guards. On the WPP there are 50 self-report items to be completed within 10 minutes. The test result is a determination of High, Medium or Low through the combined percentile of each trait.
  4. Sales Achievement Predictor (SalesAP)
    The SalesAP is a sales skills test that assesses 15 sales-related behavioral characteristics such as cold-calling inhibitions, sales aptitudes and the ability to close a sale. This exam contains 140 items and is presented on a 6th-grade reading level.

    The final score report determines that the candidate is Not Recommended, Basically Recommended or Highly Recommended. Real estate and insurance are two of the industries in which the SalesAP is prevalent.
  5. Customer Service Aptitude Profile (CSAP)
    Since the customer service field often involves sales, the two exams are similar. Traits such as assertiveness, patience, persistence, diplomacy and cooperativeness are measured through the CSAP. Again, we see an exam containing 140 items and a 6th-grade reading level.

    Score reports formulate conclusions as to each applicant’s suitability for a customer service position, listing strengths and weaknesses. A few of the jobs that carry the CSAP include restaurant personnel, receptionist and bank teller.

Prepare with JobTestPrep for the Criteria Exam

Criteria personality exams assess your behavioral and character-trait suitability for specific jobs. The more familiar you become with the pre-employment Criteria personality test, the greater your potential for achieving a relaxed and successful exam experience. JobTestPrep has developed a test preparation program that provides all of the study tools you need in order to place yourself at the upper percentile level of the Criteria behavioral exam.

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