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The Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test - CCAT

The Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) is a general pre-employment aptitude test that measures problem-solving abilities, learning skills, and critical thinking. The CCAT is 15 minutes long and consists of 50 questions in logic, math, verbal, and spatial/abstract reasoning. The questions are presented in no specific order regarding subject with the difficulty level for each increasing as you progress.


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12 Types of CCAT Questions

There are 12 different types of questions in the CCAT exam. Inside the CCAT PrepPack™, apart from the five full-length CCAT practice tests, there are also hundreds of extra drills to help you improve in each of the following subjects.

CCAT Types of Questions
Word Problems Number/Letter Series Tables & Graphs
Antonyms Word Analogies Sentence Completion
Next in Series Odd One Out Matrices
Logic - Syllogism Logic - Seating Arrangements Other - Error Checking


CCAT Sample Questions

Keep in mind that calculators are not allowed during the CCAT. However, using pen and paper is recommended.

Question 1 - Math (Next In Series)

Select the next number in the pattern:
2, 6, 10, 30, 34, ?


The correct answer is E.

This series will alternately multiply by 3 and then add 4 to get to the next number. Therefore, the next number in the series will be 34 X 3=102
2,     6,       10,     30,      34,      102
    *3     +4        *3      +4        *3

Question 2 - Spatial Reasoning (Matrices)

The pictures in the box go together by following a pattern. Choose the picture that should go in the empty space.

CCAT Sample Question Matrice 1

CCAT Sample Question Matrice 1 Answers

Choose the correct answer:


The correct answer is C.

In the above matrix (from left to right):

  • Across the rows: The black stars rotate clockwise around the smiley face. The horizontal line in each box alternates between resting above or below the smiley face.
  • Down the columns: The black stars increase by one and the horizontal lines continue to alternate. The correct answer will follow the above patterns.

That is answer choice C.

Question 3 - Math (Distance Word Problem)

A truck travels at a speed of 30 miles per hour to its destination. On the way back it returns at half the time. What was the speed of the truck on the way back?


The correct answer is B.

This is a distance problem. 
Solution a:
In order to travel the same distance in half the time, the speed must be double the original speed. Hence, the speed the way back is 2∙30 = 60miles/hour. 

Solution b:


Question 4 - Verbal (Sentence Completion)

The sentence below has a word missing. Which word from the options below makes the most sense of the sentence?

Over the past century technology has advanced at a(n) ___ rapid pace, making predictions for the next century close to impossible.


The correct answer is D.

The missing word comes before an adjective and after a verb. Therefore, it has to be an adverb. The suffix -ly modifies the root-word from an adjective into an adverb, so option 5 is ruled out. Amongst the remaining, "amazingly" is the best fit.

Question 5 - Spatial Reasoning (Next In Series)

What is the next shape in the following sequence?

CCAT Sample Question 5 - Next in Series

ccat sample 02 choices

Choose the correct answer:


The correct answer is D.

There are two characteristics which change in this series: color of triangles and the direction of the diagonal line.

Color: the pattern of the colors is: white/grey, black/grey, white/black etc. Thus, the subsequent frame will be black/grey. In addition, the color of each triangle is the same as the color of the adjacent triangle in the frame next to it. For instance, in the 2nd frame, the top-left triangle is grey, just like the top-right triangle in the 1st frame, and the bottom-right triangle is black, just like the bottom-left triangle in the 3rd frame.

Direction of the diagonal line: the direction shifts between a diagonal from the top left corner to the bottom right corner and a diagonal line from the bottom left corner to the top right corner. Following this pattern, the answer will have a diagonal line from the top left corner to the bottom right corner.

Therefore, the correct answer is D.

Question 6 - Logic (Seating Arrangement)

In a famous zoo, exactly five panda bears - Jinan, Knot, Lee, Mushu, and Nee-Hau - are kept in three adjacent courts numbered 1 to 3, 1 being the court furthest to the left and 3 furthest to the right.

Each court holds at least one panda bear, and every panda bear can be kept in one court only. The pandas' location must be consistent with the following:

  • Knot is kept in a court somewhere to the left of the court Lee is kept in.
  • Mushu and Nee-Hau are not kept in the same court.
  • Either Mushu or Jinan, but not both, are kept in court 2.
  • Nee-Hau is kept in court 3.

Which one of the following pairs could be the only occupants of a single court?


The correct answer is (A).

The correct answer to this question is the only response in which the bears can be held together in the same court, regardless of what court it is. This means that in the four wrong responses the bears mentioned cannot be kept in the same court.

(A) Can Jinan and Knot be kept together in the same court? Knot can be kept in courts 1 and 2 (see derivatives). If Jinan is kept with him in court 1, this means that Mushu must be kept in court 2 (either Jinan or Mushu in court 2). Nee-Hau must be kept in court 3, and Lee can be kept either in court 2 or in court 3 (K < L).

This is a possible setup that does not violate any of the rules:

1-J,K; 2-M,L; 3-N

Therefore, the correct answer is (A). After finding the correct answer, there is no need to examine the remaining responses.

(B) Nee-Hau must be kept in court 3, but according to the derivatives, Knot cannot be in kept in court 3. Thus, this is not the correct answer.

(C) According to the rules, either Mushu or Jinan must be kept in court 2, but not both. Therefore, they cannot be kept together at all. Thus, this is not the correct answer.

(D) Since Knot is kept in a court to the left of Lee (K < L), Knot and Lee cannot share a court. Thus, this is not the correct answer.

(E) The rules in the question specifically state that Mushu and Nee-Hau cannot share the same court (~MN). Thus, this is not the correct answer.


7 CCAT Test Tips

Here are some helpful tips that may assist you during your criteria test.

  1. If you find yourself stuck, guess, don't waste precious time. Guessing does not take off points and it’s certainly better than leaving a question unanswered.
  2. Pay attention to the answer choices. Sometimes ruling out unreasonable answers can prove to be an effective problem-solving strategy.
  3. Time management is important. Although very few people actually finish the test in time, you must be aware throughout the test of how much time is left.
  4. Using a calculator or any other external device is forbidden, but make sure you have some scratch paper and a pen or a pencil to assist you in your calculations.
  5. Remember, on the actual exam, you are not permitted to go back to previous questions. 
  6. Be aware that the questions increase in difficulty throughout the test. The first questions should not take long to solve.
  7. When practicing, it is recommended to take the diagnostic test before continuing to the rest of the pack, to help you focus your studying and save time. 

Which Companies Use the Criteria Cognitive Ability Test?

Criteria's CCAT is used by many companies to assess applicants' cognitive abilities. The Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test is one of the most popular cognitive ability tests in the US and around the world. Here are some of the companies requiring this test.

Main Companies Using the CCAT
Vista Equity Partners Crossover TIBCO Misys Infoblox
Granicus Ping Identity  Cvent Telarix Mitratech
MediaOcean Superion Market Track TSYS Aderant
Vertafore Xactly PowerSchool Omnitracs EAB

Full CCAT Practice Test - PrepPack™ Recommendation

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Philip C., 03/08/19



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