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JobTestPrep’s Certent PrepPacks™

JobTestPrep provides you with the resources to help you prepare for the online tests and interview involved in the application process. Start preparing yourself now for the Certent’s aptitude tests and interviews with JobTestPrep.


"It was successful and I passed the test, the experience with the past question simulated the actual test condition."

Ethan N., candidate for a position at Certent


  • 70% of the candidates who apply for Certent are required to take the Criteria CCAT test
  • 54% of the customers who prepared with the CCAT-style PrepPack™ also practiced with the SJT tests

Certent CCAT Tests

The Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) as one of its pre-employment aptitude tests. The CCAT measures your problem-solving abilities, skill learning capabilities, and critical thinking. It consists of 50 questions, has a 15-minute time limit, and is comprised of three question categories—math and logic, verbal ability, and spatial reasoning. It's important to note that very few people manage to finish the entire test within the time limit.


Start Practicing for the Technology & Software Industry Tests

Landing a job is becoming more and more difficult. Competition between job applicants is becoming more and more fierce. Only the best experts in their fields are being hired by companies. You cannot, therefore, take your pre-employment assessment lightly. Lest you lag behind other candidates for your applied position, prepare with JobTestPrep’s high-quality materials. Our tests, drills, and study guides will help you succeed at every stage of the Certent's hiring process and will see to it that you leave a favorable impression on your employers.


The Certent Interview Process

Interviews are challenging, because it is in your conversation with recruiters that your personality and professional skills are revealed most clearly. Therefore, it is crucial to prepare for your interview in advance. Practice with our thoughtfully constructed interview materials and get an idea how to conduct yourself on both phone and in person interviews. Our resources also contain examples of the most frequently asked questions and answers, which you are welcome to analyze and use on your forthcoming interview.

How Can I Score High on My Certent Personality Test?

Personality test is a popular tool utilized in recruitment processes. It helps employers filter out applicants whose personal and behavioral style don’t match the company’s values and the position. This means, that although you have obtained the necessary qualification for your desired position you should also show that you are the right fit for this position. To do so, you should determine the appreciated values of your position and of Certent and select the answers in a manner that would highlight those traits. If you manage to do so well, your results will reflect that, and you should expect an offer!

How Should I Prepare For the Certent Online Tests?

JobTestPrep is dedicated to offering high-quality services to prepare you for your upcoming online aptitude tests and interviews. Start practicing now with our practice tests and improve your chances of being selected to work at Certent.

What does the Certent Hiring Process Entail?

According to a recent report in Forbes, the length of an interview process has almost doubled from 13 to 23 days on average. The reason for this is that the hiring process has become more comprehensive with more hoops and hurdles that applicants need to jump through. These include a range of screening methods, such as Personality, Verbal, Situational Judgement and Mathematical Reasoning along with potentially several rounds of face-to-face interviews with HR and managers at various levels in the company. As the process becomes more complex, JobTestPrep is here to give you the knowledge you need to succeed.


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