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Carlisle Syntec Hiring Process Strategy

So, roofing is your passion and now you want to join Carlisle Syntec in the big leagues! Now that you have the passion you also need the right strategy to win your spot in the company. To get you where you want to go, JobTestPrep has devised perhaps the most comprehensive preparation packs on the market providing you with a seamless study and test practice experience that you will not find anywhere else. So, let’s take your career to the next level!

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Carlisle Syntec Interview Preparations

Prepping for your upcoming Carlisle Syntec Interview could be compared to entering into a challenging game of chess. The key is to prepare for a wide scenario of questions, which are likely to be asked. You should be able to discern between a Behavioural question and Competency question or between a Brainteaser and an opinion based question. Once you understand the style of the questioning and what they are really looking for in an answer, you will have devised a winning strategy. Here are a couple of examples.

Brain Teaser Example Question

  • How many trash cans are there in our city? These can always be tough questions and remember you are not necessarily expected to get the right answer. However, it is important to show them how you work through the problem in a methodological manner. A good trick is to use a pencil and paper and work out the issue out loud. For instance, you could say: “Since I do not have city data in front of me, in order to answer this question we would have to look at a number of streets, apartments, houses, and businesses in order to get to an estimate.

Competency-Based Question Example

  • Have you ever hesitated before making a decision and why? When answering this question you have an opportunity to prove how thorough of professional you are. Prove that your hesitance is not due to lack of decisiveness, but rather your eye towards fine detail, which could negatively impact the final product.

Carlisle Syntec Online Testing

The company has a wide number of positions and each one may be subjected to its own formulation of pre-hire online testing. Here is one test, which you should watch out for.

CCAT – Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test

This test includes several categories with a combined 50 questions and must be completed within a strict 15-minute timeframe. To pass this test, you will need to review relevant segments in math and logic, spatial reasoning, and verbal prowess. Don’t worry, JobTestPrpe has revamped its CCAT PrepPack™ with five CCAT-style simulations and practice tests along with answer explanations, study guides, and score reports. Don’t worry, we will get you ready.


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