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JobTestPrep has compiled several practice Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Tests, personality tests, and detailed study guides to make you ready for your Aderant pre-employment assessment. With our assistance, you will enhance your various cognitive abilities, including problem-solving, grasping and evaluating new data, and thinking critically. Our practice tests also come with detailed answer explanations allowing you to learn as you go. As a result, you will get better scores and increase your chances of getting a job at Aderant.

Aderant Hiring Process

  • Phone Interview - Once you submit your résumé and cover letter online, you will be contacted by an Aderant representative.
  • The First CCAT & personality test- After discussing your professional background with the representative, you will be asked to take the CCAT and personality test on your computer. The difficult part of this first test is its short time limit. Practicing before the actual assessment is essential, since you are invited to an interview only if your test results are satisfactory.
  • The Second CCAT - During your first interview in one of the company’s offices in Atlanta, GA, you will need to retake the CCAT. Answering questions quickly, under the supervision of an interviewer, may be trying. Therefore, it is encouraged that you study with our materials beforehand so that during your interviews, you feel more composed and confident.
  • Face-to-Face Interview - Should you do well on your second CCAT, you will have another interview with Aderant managers who will ask you competency and technical questions that might be difficult. To be thoroughly prepared for the interview, be sure to go over our interview questions listed below, and practice with our Interview PrepPack, which will give you tips how to create a lasting impression on recruiters. 

What is the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test?

Aderant considers it essential to choose their prospective employees based on their cognitive capabilities. Therefore, Arerant’s first selection of candidates is completed through the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test. This test evaluates how candidates think critically, how quickly and effectively they solve problems, how they learn and process new information, and how attentive they are to details. The CCAT consists of basic mathematical, logical, and grammar questions which are divided into three parts – math and logic, verbal skills, and spatial reasoning.

The most daunting part of the CCAT is its short time limit. The test is only 15 minutes overall, during which, you need to answer as many as 50 questions, having thus only 30 seconds to write your answers. Be sure to practice before the actual pre-employment assessment at Aderant, so you do not run out of time before you answer all 50 questions.

The system counting your final score for the CCAT is manifold. You may receive a raw score, culculated only by your correctly answered questions. Or your final mark may be measured in relation to scores received by other job candidates, also known as a percentile score. You can track your progression in each section individually to make your preparation more targeted and thus devoting more time and attention to those parts that need improvement.

It is also advisable to ask in advance what mark is sufficient for the position for which you have applied, since every job vacancy has a different passing score. Knowing what score you need to receive for your desired position will prevent you from underachieving. If you see while training with JobTestPrep practicing materials that you are below par, do extra drills and exercises.  We took care to include into our Aderant PrepPack™ numerous tests to ensure your success at your actual CCAT and facilitate your employment at Aderant. 

Aderant Personality Test

In addition to the CCAT, you will be required to pass Aderant’s personality assessment. Managers at Aderant do their best to hire the right employees who will be productive and become a positive addition to the team. Therefore, to weed out less fitting candidates, Aderant asks all job applicants to take its personality test, which measures their general suitability for an applied position.  

Although personality tests invite you to imagine how different people would behave in a specific situation or rank your own attitude to certain working dilemma, you can still prepare for these types of tests. JobTestPrep’s practice materials will teach you how to present your professional qualities in the most favorable light. By preparing with us, you will know how to prove to your employers that you are well-suited to do the job.  

Aderant Interviews

After you pass the second Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test at Aderant, you will have several interviews, one of which is held at one of its offices in Atlanta, GA.

The first interview will be with a hiring manager; during the second, you might have a conversation with an office manager, a manager of the technology department, or a head of a software team, depending on your prospective position. 

Questions posed in both interviews are competency-based which seek to learn about your professional background, knowledge, and skills. If you apply for positions such as Technical Support Specialist or Support Analyst, among others, you may also be asked to answer technical questions. Several examples of questions posed in Aderant interviews are as follows:  

  • What would make you valuable to Aderant? 
  • Are you able to complete tasks with minimal supervision?
  • What do you know about the position for which you appled?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • Have you worked on an agile development process before?
  • What is your experience with databases?
  • In what role would you eventually see yourself?

Responding to your interviewers confidently and thoroughly will help you impress employers. Be sure to practice with our interview resources.  

About Aderant

Aderant is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, and is considered one of the biggest providers of integrated business management software primarily for law companies. It offers sophisticated solutions that consist of resource, practice, document, information, and financial management software to maximize their clients’ operational efficiencies. Aderant serves not only such large organizations as Clifford Chance, CSC, and Clayton Utz, but also much smaller firms. In addition to its locations in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New Jersey, Aderant also has offices in London, Amsterdam, and in three Australian cities: Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland. More than 500 employees work at Aderant in these locations, earning salaries from about US$35,093 to $470,000. Aderant is owned by Vista Equity Partners

Get ready for your Aderant pre-employment assessment with JobTestPrep’s exclusive practice materials. Our thorough preparation can help you convince your employer that you are right for the job.

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