WorkKeys Teamwork Test Preparation

About the WorkKeys Teamwork Test

The WorkKeys Teamwork test measures the skill people use for choosing behaviors that both lead toward the accomplishment of work tasks and support the relationships between team members. A team is defined as any workplace group with a common goal and ownership of shared responsibility in achieving that goal.

Teamwork Test Content

This assessment is administered by video and contains 12 teamwork scenarios, each accompanied by three multiple-choice items. There are a total of 36 items with a time limit of 64 minutes. The scenarios and items are based on actual demands of the workplace. You must identify the most appropriate teamwork responses to specific situations. Level 1 is the simplest skill level and Level 5 is the highest and most complex level.

Workplace Observations Test Prep

Familiarizing yourself with the test will prepare you for the exam, and will increase your chances of acing the exam. We are currently working on a WorkKeys Workplace Observations practice test to prepare for the exam.

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