ACT National Career Readiness Certificate Practice Questions

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  • Two Applied Mathematics practice tests
  • Two Reading for Information practice tests
  • Two Locating Information practice tests
  • Two Applied Technology practice tests
  • 11 extra mathematics practice tests
  • 14 extra reading comprehension practice tests
  • Two video tutorials
  • Four basic math study guides
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What Is NCRC?

The National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) test assessment is used in over 40 states to verify the employment skill level of job applicants. As an assessment of employable skills in three key skill areas, the NCRC has been issued to more than 2.3 million job applicants. The NCRC Certificate is a fully accepted credential of employment skills achievement, honored in most states.

NCRC WorkKeys Assessments

It takes a passing score on three specific NCRC WorkKeys Assessment tests to obtain the NCRC. The three test topics that are generally acknowledged by employers to be essential for job success include: WorkKeys Applied Technology TestLocating Information, and Reading for Information.

You will encounter a timed, multiple choice format in each of the three assessments. The questions are all focused directly on everyday employment situations. There are three different ways to do the NCRC testing:

  • Computer– 55 minutes
  • Paper & Pencil – 45 minutes
  • Spanish – 55 minutes

The score that you achieve on your Assessments will determine your Certificate level.

Applied Mathematics

The cognitive skills that are measured through the WorkKeys Applied Mathematics Assessment involve:

  • Problem solving
  • Applying mathematical reasoning to employment-related situations
  • Critical thinking
  • Establishing and completing employment-related math calculations

You may use conversion tables and a calculator. The test administrator will provide you with a formula sheet. There are different national career readiness certificate levels. At Level 3, you will find basic arithmetic problems. By contrast, at Level 7, you will be faced with questions involving multiple steps, conversion tables and formulas.

Locating Information

The cognitive skills assessed through the Locating Information test include:

  • Identifying, locating and applying information provided graphically
  • Analyzing and comparing information contained in related graphics

The NCRC test questions may require the insertion of information into, or extraction of information from, various graphics such as:

Tables Charts Forms
Graphs Maps Diagrams
Instrument gauges Floor plans Flow charts

There are six levels included in this test. Level 3 basically involves reading a single gauge; whereas Level 6 contains complex graphics, interrelationships between graphics, application of information to a particular scenario and the use of information to determine conclusions.

Reading for Information

The cognitive skills measured in the Reading for information test are:

  • Reading comprehension and utilizing employment-related texts
  • Applying information contained in texts to solve problematic scenarios

The fundamental requirement of WorkKeys Reading for Information Assessment involves the ability to read and apply work-related texts in completing a job. You will encounter:

Business letters Bulletins Memos Policy statements
Notices Signs Directions Legal regulations

Keep in mind that all material contained in this assessment is in word format only.

You will encounter a seven-level test. Level 3 involves simple, short and direct sentences and paragraphs. The vocabulary is commonplace, and the tasks are easy. You will not be asked to formulate conclusions. Level 7 raises the bar to complex sentences and writing styles. The vocabulary and instructions are complicated, and the paragraphs are flooded with details.

Preparing for NCRC Test Assessments

JobTestPrep will prepare you with National Career Readiness Certificate practice tests as well as study guides and detailed explanations to the answers. Preparing for the test can be the difference between attaining the certificate and needing to take it again.

Companies Which Use NCRC Testing

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Nutrien Operator
McKinsey & Company Analyst


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