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UNECA Pre-Hire Prep Guide

Regardless of the position you are vying for, it is important to set aside sufficient to properly prepare for all pre-hire exams (i.e. verbal, math and abstract reasong…). Maximize your time with JobTestPrep.

Start Practicing!

UNECA Interview Tips

Here a few interview questions and answer you should be thinking about before the interview.

  • Do you have specific goals? Try to talk about your short-term professional goals, what you want to learn, how you want to advance and contribute to the company. If you have any specific projects that relate to the positions, share them.
  • What most satisfies you about working? What they are really asking is what motivates you. What gets you excited to get up in the morning, what type of preferences do you have when working (alone or in team), are you a customer facing individual or do you do better behind the scenes?
  • Why do you think this company is right for you? Talk about your values and why you feel the company is on the same page as you. To accomplish this look carefully at the company’s mission statement, the job position requirement and check out social media to learn a little more about the company culture.


UNECA Consulting Pre-Hire Tests to Expect

Here are two example tests you should be expecting.

What Is the Purpose of the UNECA Verbal Assessment?

Verbal assessment tests are administered by UNECA to determine an applicant’s verbal logic and accuracy in drawing conclusion from written information.

Why might UNECA Administer Personality Assessments?

Personality assessments are used in order to evaluate their potential candidates’ workplace personas. Because different companies and job positions require certain personality traits, it is best to improve your personality test score in those areas prior to taking the UNECA assessment.

What are the Various SJT Formats?

The tests can either come in interactive or linear formatting. In the interactive format each question can dictate the following string of questioning in a flow of thought, while the linear places every question in its own box. Some answers will necessitate a specific solution, while others rely on a multi-layered resolution.

How Can I Improve My Numerical Reasoning Test Scores?

Often times the UNECA numerical assessments will cover concepts and material you may not have used for many years. Even if you are feeling confident in taking your numerical assessments, it is advisable for you to practice in order to improve on your analytical and numerical comprehension skills prior to taking the test.


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