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Prepare for City of Toronto with JobTestPrep

Want to have an advantage over other applicants? Let JobTestPrep provide you with everything you need to know about the City of Toronto hiring process. Prepare in advance for City of Toronto's aptitude tests and interviews with JobTestPrep.

City of Toronto Clerical Tests

Clerical workers are required to perform tasks efficiently and accurately as well as possess basic technical knowledge in certain fields. Clerical aptitude assessment tests analyze the work habits of a candidate by assessing their technical skills, efficiency, time management, organization and self-discipline.

City of Toronto Situational Judgment Tests

Situational Judgement Tests (SJT) are psychological assessments where you are presented with hypothetical, yet realistic, scenarios related to the job in which you are applying. SJTs have become a popular tool used by assessment companies, employers, and organizations to evaluate the behavioral and cognitive abilities of candidates when introduced with daily work-related situations.

City of Toronto Microsoft Excel Tests

Excel test measures your ability to complete tasks in Microsoft's Excel software at various levels.


Increase your Probability For Success in the City of Toronto Tests

Succeeding on your pre-employment examination requires serious preparation. At JobTestPrep, we can enhance the productivity of your learning process and bring you better results. Our practice materials contain test simulations and drills, with the help of which you will outperform other candidates for your position and will secure for yourself a spot in the City of Toronto.


City of Toronto Interview Prep

The City of Toronto invites job applicants for several types of interviews. The first interview is over the phone. You will speak with a Human Resources’ representative. Expect to answer questions about your education and working experience. During this interview, you may also ask about the City of Toronto’s structure and benefits. After you have passed the City of Toronto’s pre-employment assessment tests, you will be asked to come for the second interview, where you will meet the company’s representatives face-to-face. Recruiters will measure your cognitive abilities and your aptitude for the applied position. They may also ask you situational questions. Try to answer them according to the STAR format, focusing on a certain problematic situation that you faced in the past, tasks that you set for yourself to solve it, actions you took to fulfil the task, and results that ensued from your actions. Many recruiters grade your answers to situational questions. Following the STAR format will help you sound coherent and organized and will bring you a high score on the interview.

Frequently Asked Questions from City of Toronto Candidates – Let’s Dig In!

What Is the Purpose of the City of Toronto Aptitude Tests?

City of Toronto uses aptitude tests to measure and understand your workplace competencies and capabilities. These tests are often scored by taking your score and comparing it to that of other candidates, then comparing all scores to the benchmark score.

Why Does City of Toronto Use Pre-Hire Personality Tests?

Personality tests are used to assist your interviewer in obtaining a better-rounded profile of your workplace suitability, more so than a written resume can. City of Toronto uses these tests to ensure that they will be hiring someone who fits the position’s competencies and their company standards. There are technically no right or wrong answers on a personality test, however, certain answers can have an adverse effect on your overall personality profile and may hinder your ability of being considered for the position.

When Is the Best Time to Begin Preparing for My City of Toronto Aptitude Tests?

Since the aptitude tests can make or break your chances of becoming an employee with City of Toronto, it is essential to begin preparing as soon as possible. JobTestPrep gives you the advantage over other candidates through the use of our comprehensive practice tests and study guides.


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