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JobTestPrep's Test Preparation Services

Excelling on the Test of Essential Academic Skills that you must take to enter Excelsior's nursing school can be difficult. Yet JobTestPrep can assist you with achieving your ambitions to become a nurse. With the help of our high-quality tutoring materials, you can greatly improve your skills and increase the chances of getting accepted to nursing school. We offer a sophisticated PrepPack™ to enable applicants to pass the dreaded TEAS with ease and success.

What is the Test of Essential Academic Skills?

The Test of Essential Academic Skills is a pre-admittance test administered through the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) Nursing Education. Excelsior College asks prospective students to take the TEAS in order to evaluate their academic aptitude for a nursing program.

The TEAS takes about 209 minutes—four hours—to be completed. It is a multiple-choice exam, where students are asked to choose the right answer among several alternatives. Although the TEAS exam is long, it does not go beyond the material usually studied in a high-school program.

Questions posed on the Test of Essential Academic Skills cover the following areas of studies:

Reading - You will be presented with several passages from texts, which you will be required to read and understand. You will need to pay attention to key ideas elaborated in these passages as well as to their various stylistic and structural details. The test measures how well you can process new information delivered in words and takes 64 minutes to be completed.

Mathematics - You will need to solve various mathematical problems, performing such basic calculations as adding, substracting, multiplying, and dividing. You will work with full numbers, percentages, and fractions. It is a 54 minute, multiple-choice test that evaluates how well you know algebra and interpret mathematical data.

Science - You will need to answer questions on human anatomy and physiology. Limited to 63 minutes, this test estimates your scientific reasoning and your knowledge of physical sciences.

English - You will need to demonstrate your knowledge of standard English language, including your understanding of its grammar, punctuation, and the connotation of words. You will be given 28 minutes to complete this part of the test.

Even if you were an exceptionally good student at school, you will need to revise several subjects before your examination at Excelsior College. Why not do revisions with our thoughtfully prepared tutoring resources? JobTestPrep has brought together materials that will hone your knowledge in all required areas. Practice with our exclusive PrepPack™ that contains tests, detailed study guides, and answer keys and become admitted to study at nursing school at the college.


Online Preparation for the Nursing Tests

JobTestPrep has developed a wide range of practice tests able to prepare students for the Test of Essential Academic Skills offered as an admittance test at Excelsior's nursing program. Our resources contain exercises designed to bring your numerical skills, reading comprehension, English proficiency, and scientific reasoning to new heights. Our tests and drills are always supplied with study guides and answer keys to enable you to identify and eliminate your weaknesses before you take your exam. Therefore, no matter what specific questions your actual TEAS contains, you will be well prepared to pass it successfully and become a student at the nursing program.


Excelsior's Admittance Process and Interview

In order to be accepted to the nursing program at Excelsior's College, you need to make several steps:


  • Obtain a High School Education - A minimum requirement for the nursing school at Excelsior is a high-school diploma. General Equivalency Diploma (GED) is another education certificate accepted by the college. 
  • Research the Nursing Program at Excelsior  - It is important to make sure the college offers courses and a diploma that you seek to obtain. Note that the highest degree in nursing that Excelsior College offers is Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing (BSN). It will take you approximately four years to complete the program, after which you will be able to work as a Nurse Manager, supervising a team of registered nurses. 
  • Apply to the Nursing Program - It is crucial to fill in an application form to nursing school correctly. Also, pay attention to the application's guidelines and supplementing material. Equally important is to submit your application on time. Be extra careful not to miss deadlines listed on Excelsior's website. In order to demonstrate your eagerness to join the Nursing Program, it is better if you submit your application as early as you can. 
  • Take the TEAS - Practice with JobTestPrep's exclusive resources and brush up your knowledge of English language, math, biology, and other sciences. Preparing with our simulation tests will allow you to locate your weaknesses and redouble your efforts to eliminate them before you come to Excelsior to take the TEAS. Remember also not to show up late for the examination. The Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) will not let you begin after the exam has started. Do not forget to bring with you to the exam a pencil, your registration receipt with the ATI testing ID number, and your valid photo ID. 
  • Come to Your Entrance Interview - You will be invited for the interview at Excelsior College, if you pass your TEAS with high grades and if you update your vaccinations and do a background check. In this interview, you will have a face-to-face conversation with the nursing dean or other high-level faculty from the college. Practice with our interview materials to learn how to appear professional  in appearance and conduct. It is also essential to show to the college's professors that you possess full information about Excelsior and its nursing program. 

Being admitted to the nursing program at Excelsior College is not an easy feat. Practicing with our comprehensive resources will greatly facilitate your preparation process and ensure your entrance to Excelsior's nursing school. Go through several dry runs of our tests and interview materials and become enrolled in nursing courses. 

Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

Am I allowed to use a calculator on my Test of Essential Academic Skills?

You are not allowed to use a calculator on your TEAS examination. You can use only a N2 pencil.

How long is the Test of Essential Academic Skills?

The whole test takes three hours and a half. The time is unequally divided between four parts. The Reading part takes 64 minutes. The Math part is 54 minutes. The Science part takes 63 minutes. And 28 minutes are aloowed to complete the English proficiency section.

How can I prepare for the entrance interview at Excelsior College?

Go over JobTestPrep's interview kit specifically designed to help you feel confident and at ease in the interview. We will show you how to highlight your best qualities and appear professional and passionate about nursing. Do not forget also do go to Excelsior's website and read about the college and nursing school.

Practice with JobTestPrep's simulations of the TEAS and interview materials, enroll in the nursing program at Excelsior College, and begin to change for the better other people's lives.

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