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What's Included

  • 4 Full-length Revelian-style Cognitive Ability practice tests    
  • 2 Full-length Revelian-style Verbal Reasoning practice tests
  • 2 Full-length Revelian-style Abstract Reasoning practice tests
  • 2 Full-length Revelian-style Numerical Reasoning practice tests
  • 9 Number series drills
  • 7 Math problems drills
  • 11 Vocabulary drills
  • 7 Abstract odd one out drills
  • 7 Study guides and video tutorials                        
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JobTestPrep offers an all-inclusive PrepPack™ to help in your preparation for the Revelian ability tests. This preparation pack includes exclusive Revelian test answers, test-taking tips, and timedstep-by-step practice exams . Our Revelian practice test materials consist of numerical, verbal, and abstract practice tests, drills, and video tutorials to enhance your understanding and familiarity with the content of the real Revelian test. It’s easy to see the usefulness and validity of Revelian cognitive test resources when you practice with JobTestPrep!

About Revelian

Revelian (previously Onetest) is a well-known Australian psychometric assessment company. They provide a large variety of ability tests to be used by companies worldwide during the hiring process. Revelian also helps companies build sturdier teams and improve their level of productivity by helping them hire the best candidates for their available careers.

What are the Revelian Tests?

Revelian provides interactive and dependable assessments which are created for companies to use when looking to hire capable candidates for various job positions. The Revelian tests provide data on test-takers’ cognitive capabilities and character traits.

The Revelian Cognitive Ability Test

The Revelian Cognitive Ability Test (RCAT) measures candidates’ cognitive ability and general knowledge. The test consists of 51 randomly selected questions and has a time limit of 20 minutes. The Revelian test is composed of three different types of questions: numerical, verbal, and abstract.

Each question becomes increasingly more difficult as the test progresses and the test is structured differently for each candidate. Furthermore, the test includes a wide range of questions with different difficulty levels. This ensures that employers receive honest and raw data from the Revelian cognitive ability test.

The Revelian aptitude test includes these three reasoning test sections:

The Revelian Numerical Reasoning Test: The questions on this test measure one’s aptitude in grasping and logically solving numerical concepts. This test consists of 25 questions in a 12-minute time limit and includes a number series and various word problems.

The Revelian Verbal Reasoning Test: This test assesses one’s ability to understand written concepts and apply verbal information to solve problems in an efficient and effective way. The test is made up of 35 questions and must be completed within 10 minutes.

The Revelian Abstract Reasoning Test: This test measures how one replies to abstract data in a logical manner. Test-takers will be required to identify patterns and comparisons between shapes. This test consists of 32 questions that must be answered in 10 minutes.

Sample Revelian Test Question

Which two statements together PROVE that Anne’s favorite food is not a hamburger?

  1. Anne likes ice cream.
  2. Beth’s favorite food is a hamburger.
  3. Beth does not like fish.
  4. Anne and Beth have the same favorite drink.
  5. Anne and Beth do not have the same favorite food.


The correct answer is (2) and (5).

Though (1) states that Anne likes ice cream, this does not mean that ice cream is Anne’s favorite food.

(3) cannot be combined with any other statement to prove what you are trying to prove.

(4) cannot be combined with any other statement to prove what you are trying to prove.

If, according to (2), Beth’s favorite food is a hamburger, and if, according to (5), Anne and Beth do not have the same favorite food, then Anne’s favorite food is not a hamburger.

Therefore, the correct answer is (2) and (5).

Why Are Revelian Tests Important?  

Revelian tests have been taken by thousands of hopeful candidates and they are a verified solution for companies looking to hire the best candidates. Revelian is the most popular psychometric test in Australia for graduates applying for jobs. Revelian tests are used to locate candidates who possess the cognitive ability that is required to be successful in the workplace. For this reason, preparing for the Revelian test stage is vital when aiming to succeed.


How to Pass the Revelian Cognitive Ability Test?

  • Come to the test with a positive attitude
  • Read through each question carefully before answering
  • Use the process of elimination if you feel unsure
  • Prepare with our Revelian cognitive ability test review and practice materials!

Practice for the Revelian test with our Revelian-style PrepPack™ and acquire simulated tests that are based on the real Revelian test questions and test style.

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