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What Is the Revelian Cognitive Ability Test?

Revelian’s cognitive ability test (RCAT), formerly known as the Onetest, evaluates you on 3 topics: verbalnumerical and abstract reasoning, with the difficulty level of the test increasing as you progress. It is composed of 51 questions to be answered in a 20-minute timeframe.

This test does not use a negative marking system meaning that there are no penalties for incorrect answers. For this reason, you should strive to complete as many of the questions as possible. Calculated guesses are encouraged throughout the course of the test.

Keep reading to:

  • Get Revelian test questions breakdown with hands-on practice
  • Learn and apply quick and easy tips and tricks to improve solving skills


Free Revelian Cognitive Ability Test

Complete All Questions to Get Your Predicted Score

Free Revelian Cognitive Ability Test

Complete All Questions to Get Your Predicted Score

Test Time 10 min 
Questions 25 (5 sections/ 2 min each)
Pass Score 8


Revelian Cognitive Ability Test Sample Questions

To make things as simple as possible in regard to the RCAT, we’ll go through some test sample questions one section at a time. First numerical, then verbal and finally abstract.

The introduction to each section will include the following 3 steps: 1) an introduction of the question type, 2) solving some questions 3) analyzing the answer using tips and test practice material.

By the end of this practice, you will realize just how much work is still needed to get the score you need and secure your new job.

Feel free to jump ahead to specific question types:

1) RCAT Numerical Reasoning

2) RCAT Verbal Reasoning

3) RCAT Abstract Reasoning: Odd One Out


1) RCAT Numerical Reasoning


Numerical reasoning questions test your ability working with numbers, as well as your comprehension of numerical relationships and concepts.

The Revelian numerical reasoning test achieves this using a combination of number series questions and word problems. With each question that you answer correctly, the difficulty level will increase.

Unlike many other pre-employment tests, the numerical section of the RCAT is not delivered in multiple-choice format. Rather, you will have to work through the problem and supply the correct answer manually for each question.

Ready? Grab a pen or pencil and a piece of scratch paper and we'll jump right in. Let’s break down and solve the 2 major mathematical question types: word problems and number series.

Word Problems

RCAT word problems are either made up of a short passage or a few sentences outlining a numerical situation.

Your mission is to identify the relevant numerical elements, build an equation, and solve the question.


Question 1

Dave picked 3 times as many apples as Harvey, and Bob picked 2 times as many apples as Harvey. If Dave picked 39 apples, how many apples did Bob pick?

________ apples


The correct answer is 26 apples.

If Dave picked 3 times as many apples as Harvey and Harvey picked x apples, then Dave picked 3x apples. If Bob picked 2 times as many apples as Harvey, then Bob picked 2x apples.

Harvey – x apples
Bob – 2x apples
Dave – 3x apples

If Dave picked 39 apples, then 3x = 39 à x = 13.

Harvey – x = 13 apples
Bob – 2x = 2 * 13 = 26 apples
Dave – 3x = 3 * 13 = 39 apples

The question asks how many apples Bob picked. Thus, the correct answer is 26 apples.

Number Series

Number series questions give you a chance to demonstrate your understanding of the reasoning behind a set of numbers that are applicable to a particular rule.

The questions can be found in 2 different formats: 1) number line 2) numbers in columns and rows (usually in a 3 by 3 table).

Each number series question type has been detailed below.

Question 2: Number Line

What is the missing number that should take the place of the question mark?

3  8  8  ?  13  18  18 __________


The correct answer is 13.

The first three numbers are 3, 8, and 8.

The last three numbers are 13, 18, and 18.

This suggests that the pattern is +5 and then repeat the number.

Thus, 3 + 5 = 8 and then another 8. 13 + 5 = 18 and then another 18.

This suggests that the ? should be 8 + 5 = 13.

Just like with the other numbers, 13 appears twice in a row.

Therefore, the correct answer is 13.


Question 3: Columns & Rows

What is the missing number that should take the place of the question mark? ______________



The correct answer is 50.

There are two ways to solve this kind of problem:

Solution #1: Look at the columns. In the left column, 47 – 3 = 44. In the middle column, 36 – 3 = 33. The pattern is that you subtract 3 as you move down a column.

Thus, ? – 3 = 47 à ? = 50.

Solution #2: Look at the rows. In the top row, 36 – 14 = 22.

In the middle row, 47 – 14 = 33. The pattern is that you subtract 14 as you move left to right across a row.

Thus, ? – 14 = 36 à ? = 50.

Therefore, the correct answer is 50.

Section 2 - RCAT Verbal Reasoning

RCAT verbal reasoning questions test your vocabulary and word usage along with relationships between words and sentences.

Unlike the numerical section of the test, verbal RCAT questions will be in multiple-choice format (thank goodness). But don't celebrate just yet, some questions require you to mark more than one answer.

Let's get go over each type of question in detail:

Synonyms & Antonyms

The Revelian synonym and antonym questions are designed to test your vocabulary and the relationships between words. Here, you will be presented with 2 words and 3 answers. You will respond by identifying if the 2-word examples are similar, opposite, or not similar at all.

Give it a go below:

Question 4

Imperious Subservient

  1. Have neither similar nor opposite meaning
  2. Have similar meaning
  3. Have opposite meaning

The correct answer is (3).

The word imperious describes someone who is marked by arrogant assurance.

The word subservient describes someone who is submissive and inferior.


Odd Word Out

Revelian test odd word out questions are similar to synonyms and antonyms questions. The difference is that synonyms and antonyms present a list of 6 words that appear to be related. Your job is to mark 2 words that are different from the rest.

Question 5

4 of the following are alike in some way. Please choose the other 2:

  1. Cougar
  2. Sheep
  3. Cow
  4. Moose
  5. Porcupine
  6. Beaver

The correct answers are (2) and (3).

This question can be solved by thinking about the characteristics of each of the animals.

In this case, both Sheep (2) and Cow (3) are domesticated animals, whereas Cougars (1), Moose (4), Porcupine (5), and Beaver (6) have never been domesticated and generally live in the wild.




Logical questions begin with a fact. In this section, you will need to choose 2 out of 5 given statements to prove that the fact is correct.

Question 6

Which two of the following statements PROVE that Alex has a meeting at 10:00 AM tomorrow?

  1. Alex will drink coffee tomorrow
  2. Alex usually has a meeting with his boss every morning
  3. Alex drinks coffee only at meetings at 10:00 AM
  4. Alex is buying coffee beans for himself to use for a meeting
  5. Alex’s boss has a meeting at 10:00 AM

The correct answers are (1) and (3).

Since Alex will drink coffee tomorrow (1) and he drinks coffee only when attending a meeting at 10:00 AM (3), it follows that he has a meeting at 10:00 AM tomorrow.

It is important to not get distracted by statements that may relate or suggest, but do not conclusively prove that Alex has a meeting tomorrow at 10:00 AM, as was the case with answer choices (2), (4) and (5).

Section 3 - RCAT Abstract Reasoning: Odd One Out

Abstract reasoning questions (also known as figural reasoning) assess your ability to analyse patterns, solve problems and identify relationships.

In Revelian Cognitive Ability test's abstract reasoning you are presented with 5 or 6 pictures (which can be geometric, abstract or figural shapes or drawings), and asked to cypher which two are different from the rest.

The challenge is in identifying the pattern that unifies the pictures. Once that's done you can more easily locate the two pictures that do not fit in the series.


Question 7

Which two of the items below do not belong with the others?

RCAT abstract

The correct answer is (1) and (3).

The rule that unites items (2), (4), (5), and (6) is that the number of black dots in each diagonal line matches the number of white squares.

In each item there is an additional dot, but since it is identical in all the items, it is a distraction.

Item (1) is different because it has two more black dots in the diagonal line than there are white squares behind it – 6 dots and only 4 squares.
Item (3), on the other hand, is missing one black dot in the its line – it only has 4 dots to 5 squares.


Don't Leave the Preparation to Your Competition

Continue Practising with Full PrepPack™

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Revelian Cognitive Test Tips

Expert Solving Tips: 9 Ways to Prep & Improve Your Revelian Test Performance

  1. Read the instructions carefully:

Reading the instructions prior to each section of the RCAT will help ensure you are not missing any important details that could lead to answering a question incorrectly.

  1. When you don't know the answer - guess:

It is exceedingly rare for a candidate to complete the RCAT in full. The test itself consists of 51 questions to be answered in a 20-minute timeframe. You will not be penalized for incorrect answers so, the best course of action is to answer every question you encounter, even if that means making an educated guess.

  1. Learn to solve without the use of a calculator:

Since Revelian does not allow calculators in its RCAT and numerical reasoning sections, it is best to prepare by flexing your mental math muscle.

Practice calculation techniques on paper before your test date. 

  1. Skip questions you're not sure of and return to them later:

One of the unique qualities of the RCAT is that it allows you to move backwards and forwards between questions. As such, a good strategy to use is to quickly answer all questions you find easy then go back to answer the more difficult ones.

Note: Given that an incorrect answer yield the same 1-point reduction from your score, it is best to not leave any question unanswered and try guessing instead. This strategy is great in helping you earn as many points as you can, rather than losing points for leaving questions blank.

  1. Practice time management:

When taking the RCAT or any of the other Revelian tests, you will be working to beat the clock – literally. By practising under similar time constraints (as in our timed-mode simulations), you will be able to learn how to better manage your time when taking the actual test.

Your goal is to complete as many as question as you can in the time allotted.

  1. Take advantage of our answer explanations:

Reading the answer explanations provided for each question type will assist you in comprehending what is expected to reach a solution for similar questions.

You may also discover additional tips that will allow you to answer faster come testing day.

  1. Brush up on your high school math skills:

Go over the basic algebraic concepts to ensure you do not become stumped during the test.

  1. Reduce distractions while preparing:

Put your smartphone away. Not on silent mode, not out of reach - Away. Anything that can become a distraction or make you lose focus should be completely out of sight, out of mind. This holds true to TV, computer apps/ games and even music.

At the end of the day, you want to simulate your real test environment, plus get efficient practice time.

  1. Get a good night's rest:

A good night's sleep can increase cognitive performance, confidence and feeling of calm when taking the Revelian tests.

Alcohol should also be avoided during your test preparation period. It has been shown to reduce cognitive ability for a time while also interrupting one’s quality of sleep.

How to See Significant Results from Your Revelian Cognitive Ability Preparation

The RCAT is used to filter the weakest of candidates from those who posses the sought-after qualities employers are looking.

In today’s competitive job market, it is unwise to wing it. If you’re currently reading this, I can assume that you are a hard worker, doing what it takes to make it to the finish line.

80% of applicants will not get the score they need to continue with their application. If you feel confident that you are one of the other 20% then stop here; however, if you feel that your skills can be pushed even further, keep reading to find out how you can benefit from the preparation materials we offer. 

Our test development team has put together a customized PrepPack™ for the Revelian Cognitive Ability Test, complete with full-length mock tests, study guides and video tutorials.

This PrepPack™ runs a diagnostic test based on your results. The purpose of this diagnostic test is to show you where you currently excel and where you need to improve.

We Help Over 70,000 People Every Year Get the Score They Need

Don't Lose Time! Continue the Practice You Started

Don't Lose Time! Continue the Practice You Started

  • 1 diagnostic test & guide
  • 4 full-length Revelian CAT- style practice tests
  • 10 numerical series practice tests
  • 7 numerical drills covering averages, ratios, percentages, and unit and currency conversion
  • 9 word problem practice tests
  • 13 vocabulary practice tests
  • 5 odd-one-out (Abstract Reasoning) practice tests
  • 6 video tutorials for different topics
  • Money back guarantee


The difficulty of the test increases with how well you answer the questions.

Yes. You'll have 20 minutes to complete 51 questions. This is not enough time to complete them all for hardly anyone. Regardless, to ensure that you obtain a high score, it is best to answer every question. If you are unsure how to answer a certain question, we highly recommend that you make an educated guess rather than leaving it blank.

There is no specific score required to pass the test. Upon completion, your score will be compared to a group made up of people in your profession, aka a norm/normative group.

No. Calculators are not allowed during the test.

No, asking questions during your test is not permitted.

Very few people can answer all the questions. Don’t sweat it if you find you are unable to do so. Regardless, we do recommend trying to answer every question in the time allotted as this will ensure your ability to receive a high score.

No, there are no penalties for answering incorrectly. Thus, if you do not know the answer fully, it is better to guess than leave the answer blank.

Yes. A good strategy is to answer the questions you do know then return to the more difficult ones later.

Practice! Improve your overall score by familiarizing yourself with test’s format, topics, and time limit. Deciding not to practice could be the difference between getting a job offer or not. Don’t miss the job opportunity of a lifetime – strengthen your RCAT skills and surpass the competition with our help.


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