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The Purpose of Prevue Assessments

Many employers use Prevue Assessments to assess your job aptitude. This is measured by measuring your abilities, interests, and personality. After completing the Prevue test, your results are compared to a job benchmark that defines the necessary aptitude for the job, in order to determine if you are suitable.

Prevue Employee Job Fit Assessments

Prevue Abilities Tests

(94 questions/18 minutes/timed)

Also known as General Mental Ability, Cognitive Reasoning, or Learning Speed, the Prevue Abilities test is the best way to determine your potential success on the job. Your following abilities are assessed:

Prevue Interest Inventory

(36 questions/10-15 minutes average/untimed)

In order to determine if you are motivated to perform necessary job tasks, your employer uses the Prevue Interest Inventory. The Prevue Interest Inventory matches your interests to the type of tasks required for your potential job. This inventory assesses your interest in terms of working with data, people and things

Prevue Personality Inventory

(110 questions/20-30 minutes average/untimed)

The Prevue Personality Inventory is used to determine if your personality is a good match for the position. The test is also used to ensure that you will be satisfied at work in the long run. This inventory assesses your personality based on standard employment personality assessments. The Prevue ICES assessment is used to examine specific personality traits. ICES stands for Independence, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, and Stability, which are the traits being tested.

Prepare for Prevue Testing

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