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About Geico's Recruitment Process

Geico has two different sectors of applications. Candidates may either apply for a sales, customer service, and claims and auto damage consultant position, or to Geico's leadership program, IT, and corporate positions. The two fields have similar application processes, with a few tweaks. Despite this similarity, the information on this page and in our PrepPack™ is focused on the first field of positions. Additionally, it's important to note that Geico’s recruitment process is considered to be very thorough (yet short), especially for fields that require customer contact.

Geico's Recruitment Process

Learn about Geico's recruitment and hiring process for the following positions:

  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Claims
  • Auto Damage
  • Management Development Program

Submit Application

It is preferred to apply for a position at Geico online, but it is also possible to do so in person at a local Geico office. At this stage you will schedule the phone interview. It is important to research what Geico is looking for in its employees before the interview.

Initial Phone Interview

This is a general phone interview which lasts around 20 minutes. Interviewers will ask background and experience questions.

Geico Assessment Test

The Geico assessment test is considered tough and you need to prepare for it. The assessment test varies depending on the position. For sales and customer service positions, the assessment focuses more on your reading comprehension, typing, and computer skills, as well as your ability to multi-task. When dealing with claims and auto damage, you are tested on spatial recognition and reading comprehension in order to determine if you can accurately explain what you see and if you can understand the claim. It is important to note that you will not be able to complete all the questions. However, it is still crucial to work quickly and accurately to complete as many as possible. 

In-Person Interview

You will only get to this stage if you passed the assessment test. It consists of a general interview as well as a role play. You will simulate real-world situations, and the interviewer will assess how you handle stress, multi-tasking, and work-related curveballs.

Background Check

A regular background check and a drug test finish the recruitment process.

About Geico

Geico is the second-largest auto insurance company in the United States, employing around 27,000 people. A majority of the employees are in the fields of sales, customer service, and claims, but there is still a substantial portion of the workforce in corporate.

Geico Assessment Preparation with JobTestPrep

JobTestPrep's high-quality preparation resources can help you prepare for almost every aspect of your Geico assessment test. Our PrepPack™ offers preparation materials for all the aforementioned assessment tests, except the multi-task section. Take practice tests, learn from the detailed answer explanations we provide, and utilize our helpful score reports. 

Because Geico has a six-month wait policy for reapplication if you do not pass the assessment test, we highly encourage you to practice with us now in order to start your career at Geico as soon as possible. Ensure your success on the exam and start preparing today! 

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