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There are a number of different PrepPacks™ available from this page. In general, you can use the following guidelines to select the pack you need. You can get instant access from the table or you can select the product you need below:

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Claims Adjuster DDI Assessment


Customer service representative DDI Assessment
Inside Liability Adjuster DDI Assessment
Life Agent CEB's SHL
Manager Watson-Glaser
Pricing Technician CEB's SHL
Insurance Sales Agent Caliper Assessment
System Administrator CEB's SHL
All-Inclusive Preparation All the Above
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About JobTestPrep’s Allstate Packs

Applying for a position with Allstate will probably mean taking a JEPS assessment test. JobTestPrep offers practice materials to assist you throughout the length of Allstate recruitment process.

The Job Effectiveness Prediction System (JEPS) is the test battery utilized by Allstate to highlight those who match the requirements of specific available positions. Expect a computer-formatted, online, multiple-choice set of tests that contain basic material. The exam battery is strictly timed and involves only general skills that are essential for successful job performance. JEPS Aptitude Assessment involves five fundamental areas mentioned below.

Allstate JEPS Mathematical Online Tests

In addition to the four arithmetic functions of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, you will encounter percentages, decimals, fractions, word problems, diagrams and numeric reasoning.

Allstate JEPS English Usage Grammar

Revision of grammatically incorrect sentences, spelling, vocabulary, and punctuation are some of the elements found in the English/Grammar portion of the test battery.

Allstate JEPS Reading Comprehension Tests

This is a passage-based test that assesses your ability to understand what you are reading. The answers to reading comprehension questions are sourced solely in the passage presented. Tasks in this aptitude test include a range of functions such as drawing conclusions, analyzing, summarizing and recalling information.

Allstate JEPS Logical Tests

Along with analytical and critical thinking skills are major elements of the JEPS aptitude test battery. Be sure to carefully read all instructions, passages, questions, and alternatives before marking your answers.

Allstate JEPS Personality Tests

Companies like Allstate are looking to fill positions like sales, engineering and HR want to know that you have what it takes to deal with the pressures and complexities of a given job. Your personality will look to uncover your attitude towards work, communication skills, motivation and your values that make you successful. Unlike the face-to-face interview it is difficult to charm your way through the personality, so it is imperative that you prepare


Start Preparing the Right Way for Your Allstate JEPS Tests

With its focus on employee work/life balance and offering substantial potential income, Allstate Insurance Company consistently has a high turnout of applicants for each available position. JobTestPrep is working to provide all of the tools necessary to optimize your Allstate pre-employment aptitude and personality assessments. The goal at JobTestPrep is to increase your speed and accuracy for a successful Allstate exam experience.


Allstate Hiring Process

Allstate is an all-purpose insurance company: Home, life, auto, business and financial investment. Therefore, the job spectrum is wide open in this huge corporation. As an employer, Allstate has honed its hiring process to include a mere four phases:

  • Pre-screening phone interview
  • Written assessments, personality as well as cognitive
  • One or more interviews
  • Job offer to those with high assessment scores and successful interviews

 If a passing score on both the aptitude and personality assessments is not achieved, no interview is scheduled and the application process ends.

Tips for Landing Allstate Hiring Process

The insurance industry is wholly customer oriented. Therefore, Allstate is seeking those who can easily relate to a diversified populace. Interpersonal relations questions should all be treated in a positive mode.

In addition to excellent interpersonal relations, many other job-essential behavioral aspects are assessed in the Allstate personality test, such as motivation, integrity, reliability, teamwork, problem-solving, effective work methods, company orientation, preferences, attitudes and situational approaches.

When answering JEPS personality assessment, keep the parameters of the position in mind and respond to the items from the viewpoint of Allstate. You can prepare for this exam by practicing on sample tests and reviewing a study guide. You gain an absolute benefit from knowing what to expect on the test before you sit down to take it.

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