Comprehensive Guide to Revelian's Gamified Assessment 2024
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In 2020, Revelian became a Criteria Corp company. Among Criteria's cognitive assessments is the CCAT.

What is the Revelian’s Gamified Test?

Many companies commonly use Revelian's gamified assessments during the hiring process in order to determine which candidates are best suited to the desired position.

A computer game-like experience is incorporated into these assessments to engage test-takers. A gamified exam assesses a person's emotional intelligence, decision-making skills, and innovation level.

Revelian gamified tests include two types:
⦿ Revelian Cognify Exam
⦿ Revelian Emotify Exam

revelian cognify

1) Revelian Cognify Exam

Cognify measures cognitive abilities using a game-based approach. It consists of six mini-games, three of which test problem-solving skills, two of which assess numerical reasoning ability, and another which measures verbal knowledge. Your performance on this test will be measured based on your ability to think quickly, be inventive, distinguish between various shapes, and fit objects into compartments.

Problem Solving
In this section, you will be asked to solve complex problems without any prior knowledge as part of games designed to measure your fluid reasoning ability. In the workplace, quick learning and success are correlated with problem-solving abilities.

note  Resemble
You will be presented on the left side of the screen an objective pattern, which you will have to imitate on the right side by arranging and rotating patterned blocks so they fit into the grid.


note Gridlock
Requires you to match every piece into a grid to solve a series of puzzles at a rapid pace.

note  Short cuts
This game, requires you to move the blue marble from the starting point on the screen toward the area marked with a star with the smallest distance possible.

Numerical Reasoning
Contains games that assess your ability to comprehend quantitative concepts and perform daily math-based tasks.

note Numbubbles
Consists of finding and popping bubbles which match the target number.

note Tally Up

Your goal is to identify, quickly, which group of tokens displayed on the monitor has the greatest value.

Verbal knowledge
The games in this section assess your ability to comprehend textual material and the English dialect, as well as your ability to identify errors in text.

note Proof It
is a task in which you are required to find as many grammatical errors and misspelled words as possible, within the limited time period.

Note: The employer determines which games are most relevant to the job being advertised, therefore applicants may not be asked to complete every game.

revelian emotify

2) Revelian Emotify Exam

Emotify is one of the most unique, image-based gaming tests available, and it is designed to assess a person's emotional intelligence (EI). As part of this assessment, there will be up to three different exams: a matching faces test, an emotional tie test, as well as an appropriate emotional response test based on different situations. There are a variety of tests available on the market to measure the ability of test-takers to correctly perceive and regulate their emotions. A successful career is largely determined by one's ability to communicate effectively with others and have a strong sense of emotional awareness.

A person who has a high level of emotional intelligence is one who has the ability to monitor their own emotions, as well as those of others, and uses this knowledge in both their actions and their thoughts. Generally, emotional intelligence consists of four distinct branches, which are the ability to perceive emotions, the ability to use emotions and facilitate thought, the ability to understand emotions, and the ability to manage emotions.

There is no way to win or lose on this test, despite the fact that winning is the goal in many games. Your exam results will not only give you a report on your ability to communicate, resolve problems, be productive, remain emotionally stable, and understand what other people are feeling, but also on how well you can resolve challenges. practice for the Revelian Emotify exam, which will help you improve your interpersonal skills.

revelain theme park here test

3) Revelian Theme Park Hero Exam

In 2015, Theme Park Hero was the first game-based assessment to appear on the market to assess theme parks. There are many similarities between this assessment and the Cognify test, which was developed from it.

The Cognify test has replaced the Theme Park Hero test by Revelian. As part of the Theme Park Hero exam, the candidate will have to complete a number of tasks, which are all assigned varying time limits.

Cognify's theme park manager game gives candidates the chance to step into the position of a theme park supervisor, in order to perform a variety of tasks expected of a person in that role.

As part of this test, test-takers may be asked to solve, organize, and work with a wide range of challenges in the park. There will also be another game where one will have to perform a number of other tasks, including a gamein which one has to recognize color variations.

revelian why

What Is the Purpose of Game-Based Assessments?

It has become increasingly important for employers to provide prospective employees with a satisfying assessment experience during the recruitment process.

The reason behind this is that candidates often perceive traditional aptitude tests as stressful, while gamified tests might reduce anxiety by presenting methods through which candidates can solve problems in an interesting and engaging manner.

revelain scoring

Revelian Gamified Tests Scores

It is important to be aware that after your gamified tests are scored, the data calculated from each game is analyzed using psychometric tools. In order to understand how test-takers apply tactics and solve problems in different contexts, different levels of responses are measured.

Due to the unique format of Revelian's game-based assessment, it is able to provide more authentic data about a person's performance than other types of assessments. Test-takers' results are also compared with those of desirable employees, to determine their suitability for the job.

Using Revelian Cognify game-based tests, you can receive a comprehensive report, showing your reaction to challenges related to your work and the level of cognitive ability you will demonstrate in the workplace.

revelian tips

Game-Based Revelian Test Tips

1. Make sure to work quickly and efficiently – Remember, the Revelian game-based evaluation is a test! Every decision you make measures your skills and speed, even though it may seem like a game. Using our Revelian Cognify practice preparation, you can familiarize yourself with the Cognify games.

2. Test your skills with test tutorials – Several steps and various techniques may be required to succeed in Revelian games. In order to ensure you understand the game, a brief tutorial will be available as many times as needed before going onto the actual test. For this reason, it is important to practice with tutorials until you become comfortable and confident.

3. Use a computer with a wireless keyboard and mouse - Most Revelian gamified tests will require agility, which can best be achieved by using an external keyboard and mouse. Using a laptop and mousepad with a smaller keyboard will make it difficult to achieve the same results.


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