Revelian Cognitive Ability Test Prep Guide 2024

What You'll Get

  • 10 numerical series practice tests
  • 4 Revelian CAT-style practice tests
  • 13 vocabulary practice tests
  • 9 word-problem practice tests
  • 5 odd-one-out (abstract reasoning) practice tests
  • Diagnostic test
  • 7 numerical drills covering averages, ratios, percentages, and unit and currency conversion
  • 6 video tutorials and a diagnostic guide
  • Money back guarantee


As of 2020, Revelian has become a Criteria Corp company. The most common cognitive assessment by Criteria is the CCAT exam.

If you're preparing to take the Revelian Cognitive Ability Test (RCAT) as part of your job application, our specialized RCAT-style pack is the ideal resource for you. It includes everything you need to excel on the test, such as:

1. Customized Revelian Cognitive Ability practice exercises and full-length tests that closely mimic the actual exam.
2. A diagnostic test designed to evaluate your initial abilities and knowledge, providing valuable insights into areas for improvement.
3. A comprehensive selection of study guides and video tutorials to enhance your cognitive skills further.

These materials offer a thorough and well-rounded understanding of this unique and challenging test, increasing your chances of outperforming the competition and securing the job you desire. Start your preparation now to boost your chances of success.


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Give yourself the advantage over other applicants – start practicing for your RCAT assessment today.

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