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About Dekalb County 911

Dekalb County 911 provides police, fire, and emergency medical services.

Prepare for the Recruitment Process at Dekalb County 911

The hiring process at Dekalb County 911 depends on the position you are interested in, and other factors. The basic steps are:

  • Online Application: Edit and update your resume, and send it to the role you want.
  • Phone Interview: You will have a phone conversation with the HR manager.
  • Interview: A meeting with the professional manager.
  • Exams: The Criticall test is important, and other exams might be required as well.

Aptitude Tests at Dekalb County 911

The required tests can differ from one role to another. Pay most attention to:

  • The Criticall test: A thorough assessment, that is composed of sub-tests that assess various skills, such as your decision-making, multitasking, prioritization, reading comprehension, spelling, Math, and more. JobTestPrep offers a good prep. for Criticall.
    More details about The Criticall test.

Other possible assessments are:

  • Abstract: Also known as figural reasoning test. Asks you about pattern recognition, in order to examine your logic.
  • Personality: Evaluates your work-related behavior, characteristics, strengths vs. weaknesses, etc.
  • Excel: Tests your level and knowledge in Excel.

Keep in mind that the exams are usually limited in time, and are made up of multiple-choice questions. Therefore, it would be wise to ORDER HERE AND STUDY NOW.

Dekalb County 911’s Interview Questions

Getting ready for the interview is also important. We recommend you to prepare accurate answers for questions such as:

  • Please walk me through your resume (i.e.: Tell me about your background and experience.)
  • How do you deal with stressful situations (specific examples might be given)?
  • How would you handle dissatisfied, or difficult, clients?
  • What interests you in working at Dekalb County 911?

In addition, you can use JobTestPrep’s products, that include interview tips, exercises and other tools that can help you practice before the interview.

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