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CPCA Police Officer Exam

The Connecticut Police Chiefs Association (CPCA) requires you to take a written exam administered by Dr. Larry Jetmore to become a police officer in Connecticut. The CPCA exam is similar to, if not the same as, the New Haven and State Trooper exams. The exam assesses your ability to understand and learn new information; to remember and apply facts and information; to use logic, reasoning, and problem-solving abilities; and to observe and remember details.

New Haven

To join the New Haven police department, you must pass a written exam. The exam consists of five sections that measure the basic abilities and skills required for the job.

  • Observation and Recall – This section tests your ability to observe and memorize information. You may be required to look at a series of "Wanted" posters for a short period of time and then answer questions about these posters. The questions require you to remember faces, names, crimes committed, and similar details.
  • Judgment, Reasoning and Problem Solving Ability – This section measures your judgment and reasoning abilities. It tests your judgment in a variety of situations as well as your ability to use logic or reasoning and problem-solving skills.
  • Reading Comprehension, Learning, and Applying Information – In this section, you are given a study booklet that contains information related to police work. You are asked about the study booklet later on during the test to see what you were able to learn and well you applied this information.
  • English Usage / Writing Exercise – This section measures your writing skills. As a police officer, you are required to write reports. These reports must be clear, correct, and well-written because they may be challenged or examined in court.
  • Interests – This section of the exam aims to find out more about your interests and preferences for a variety of activities.

State Trooper

To become a state trooper in Connecticut, you must take a written test. The written test consists of approximately 80 multiple-choice questions that are divided into seven sections.

  • Logical Reasoning Ability – This section contains questions that assess your ability to think logically.
  • Power of Observation/Perceptiveness – This section contains questions that assess your power of observation.
  • Reading Ability – This section contains questions that assess reading comprehension. As a state police trooper or a police officer, you must be able to read laws, regulations, policies, procedures, reports, correspondence, administrative directives, and training manuals, as well as to understand, apply and respond to the information they read.
  • Written Communication Skills – This section contains questions that assess your ability to communicate information clearly and effectively in writing, while using proper English grammar, punctuation, and word usage. As a state police trooper and a police officer, you must be able to write clear and effective reports, court documents, correspondence, and other documents.
  • Ability to Exercise Good Judgment – This section contains questions that assess your ability to exercise good judgment.
  • Interpersonal Skills – This section contains questions that assess your interpersonal skills.
  • Interests and Preferences – This section contains questions related to your interests and preferences as related to the job.

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CT Police Exam Preparation with JobTestPrep

JobTestPrep provides information about the test structure and format to familiarize you with your police CPCA exam. Preparing with our custom-made practice tests increases your chances of scoring high on the CPCA test. Our police package includes over 1,500 questions, answers, and explanations. It also includes a personality test to prepare you for the police hiring process.

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