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CFIA Hiring Process

There is no doubt that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency hiring process is both competitive and requires a tremendous amount of smarts and preparation. To help you prepare for your tests in the smartest and most comprehensive manner to achieve the results you want. /p>

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CFIA Interview Process

Now we will take a look at how the interview process for the Inspector position will look like based on recent interviews at the agency.

You will begin by applying online and will fill in your skill-sets into the online questionnaire. In the event you score at least 50% of the skill-set match you will then move on to take the Situational Judgement Test. The next stage will be to take the company’s internal values tests to make sure you will fit in the to company’s culture and value system. Next, you will move on to an interview, which will include role play. During the role play, you will have to create a day's action plan after reviewing a wide range of documents including memos, meetings, emails, calendars via a computer. You will have to memorize the information and present your course of action in front of a panel interview. Note that you will not be permitted to print anything.


CFIA Online Testing

Even prior to sending in your CV, pre-hire test preparation should be at the top of your priority list

What Factors are Included in the Situational Judgement Test Score?

There are four primary main areas that the SJT focuses upon including; decision making, problem-solving, interpersonal skills and organizational skills.

  • Decision Making: Your employer wants to know before hiring you, how you cope with making tough on the spot decisions. This is especially true for those vying for C-Level positions.
  • Problem Solving: Do you have the logical, critical and analytical skills needed to innovate and keep your company relevant with viable solutions for evolving markets?
  • Interpersonal Skills: A company (especially the corporations) is made up of many moving parts. Do you have the personality to successfully collaborate between divisions to get the job done?
  • Organizational Skills: As the old saying goes, time is money and companies in our fast-paced and never-ending work weeks need you to be on the ball and organized to quickly take on any challenge.


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