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Akal Security’s Hiring Process

As a major security company, Akal Security is interested in employing trustworthy and hardworking individuals. There are many stages involved in the Akal Security recruitment process. They are as follows:

  • Application Process: In order to apply for an open role you will first need to visit the Akal Security careers webpage. From there you will be able to select a suitable vacancy, complete the online application, and submit your resume.
  • Initial Interview: After your application and resume have gone through screening, you may be contacted to participate in either sit-down interview or phone interview.
  • Psychometric Testing: Applicant aptitude testing is a major part of the Akal recruitment process. The tests that you will be required to take will depend on the role you have decided to apply for.
  • Final Interviews: Depending on the role you have applied for and your location, you will either be invited to participate in a phone, video or in-person interview. Your final interviews will most likely be held before a panel.

Your eligibility for the position you have applied for will ultimately come down to an extensive credit and criminal background check by the company.

Akal Security Assessment Tests

The tests that you will face during the Akal Security recruitment process will be computer-based. The subjects that these tests will be used to evaluate range from mathematical abilities, verbal reasoning, abstract reasoning, situational judgment, personality questionnaires, and Microsoft Excel. The tests that you will be expected to take and pass will be determined by the position you have applied for.

Your suitability for any of the Akal Security jobs you have applied for will come down to a combination of the information you have provided on your resume, your tests scores, and your interviews. By practicing using JobTestPrep’s extensive online catalog of job preparation materials you will be sure to boost your confidence, test scores, and chances of being offered the job you seek. Come prepared with JobTestPrep to surpass the competition and launch your career with Akal Security.



Akal Security’s Interview Process

Below we have included several sample questions that you may be asked during your Akal Security interviews. During this process, you may also be asked questions regarding your previous work experience, availability, etc.

  • Are you able to work overtime if required?
  • What kind of duties have you performed in your previous position? How did you handle them?
  • When is it appropriate to use physical force to subdue a suspect?

When answering behavioral questions, it is recommended that you use the STAR method.


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