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What's Included

  • Two full-length general accounting tests
  • Two full-length accounts payable tests
  • Two full-length accounts receivable tests
  • Two full-length bookkeeping tests
  • Comprehensive explanations and solving tips
  • Score reports
  • Secured payment
  • Immediate online access
  • Exclusive to JobTestPrep


Companies strive to save millions every year by maintaining fully organized and transparent statements of their financial activities. Any miscalculation or incorrect entry can cost the company in bad decision-making, mismanagement of funds, or fines and penalties for outright fraud. The accounting and bookkeeping assessment tests are designed to ensure you will be able to carry out these vital responsibilities on behalf of the company.

Businesses are looking for applicants who possess a keen attention to detail in their work. They are looking for proficiency in mathematics, reading comprehension, writing, computer literacy, and in finding and analyzing information. Most of these skills cannot be communicated in a resume, certainly not in an interview.

The assessment tests are your way of demonstrating to a company that you possess the specific skills it is looking for in a new hire. Preparing for these tests gives you an added advantage over everyone else applying for your desired job.

Accounting Assessment Test Topics

Just as each job has different and varied responsibilities, each position utilizes its own assessment test. Here are just some of the topics covered by all of the tests that are incorporated into our Accounting Bundle PrepPack™.

Journal Entry Cash Flow Dividends Account Balancing
Documentation Analysis Inventory Account Types
Ratios Credit Terms Provisions Presentation

Jobs That Encounter an Accounting or Bookkeeping Test

Here are some of the accounting positions and tests included in the Bundle Accounting PrepPack™.

Accounts Receivable Clerk – An accounts receivable clerk is responsible for tracking all payments made to/by a company. He or she ensures that the payments and transactions made for goods and services are properly recorded. The duties and responsibilities of this position often include interaction with clients regarding past and due bills, ensuring that payments are posted accurately, updating files, and verifying data.

Accounts Payable Clerk – An accounts payable clerk is responsible for paying the bills of a business enterprise, in addition to maintaining all payments, transactions, and records. He or she is responsible for compiling debt invoices owed by various companies, vendors, or suppliers.

Bookkeeper – Bookkeepers are in charge of receiving and recording all of the cash, checks, and voucher transactions that take place in a company. To do so, they use software, spreadsheets, and online databases. In addition, they are in charge of inputting debit and credit card information into the appropriate accounts.

Sample Accounting and Bookkeeping Questions

Try our free sample accounting and bookkeeping questions, or get the full PrepPack™ and start preparing today. 

Visit our main accounting page for more information.

More Accounting Tests

If you are looking for other accounting positions or tests, JobTestPrep has you covered. See below for a list of some of the many accounting tests we offer.

Civil Service Accountant Aide Tax Technician  Entry-Level Accountant   Payroll Manager
Civil Service Audit Clerk Financial Record Keeper Account Technician Budget Analyst 

Prepare for Various Accounting Tests with JobTestPrep

JobTestPrep's Accounting Bundle PrepPack™ is relevant only to the USA companies and includes accounts receivable, accounts payable, bookkeeping, and general accounting tests. Prepare with us to ensure you score higher than everyone else applying for your desired job. 

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