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An accounts receivable clerk is responsible for tracking all payments that are made to/by a company. This clerk ensures that the payments and transactions made for goods and services are properly recorded. The duties and responsibilities of this position often include interaction with clients regarding past and due bills, ensuring that payments are posted accurately, updating files, and verifying data.

When an accounts receivable clerk is part of a large accounting staff, his or her responsibilities are limited. Therefore, the educational requirements may only be a high school diploma or GED. However, if it is a small accounting staff, the accounts receivable clerk may have more responsibilities, and the educational requirement may be an associate degree (in accounting or finance).  

General Information about Accounts Receivable Tests

Accounts receivable assessments are used by many companies to measure applicants' skills and compatibility. The knowledge and accuracy that accounts receivable clerks need to possess are essential for a business, which is why the test focuses on both aspects.

Typically, accounting tests consist of about 40 multiple-choice questions. The purpose of such tests is to assess the level of knowledge, skills, and analytical ability a candidate possesses. Additionally, these tests are given out to ensure that candidates can see and understand the correlation between accounts receivable and allied accounts.

Accounts Receivable Test Topics

Some accounts receivable test topics are:

  • Credit terms
  • Accounting reporting
  • Documentation
  • Journalization
  • Statements and presentations
  • Bad debts accounting

Sample Accounts Receivable Questions

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Prepare for Accounts Receivable Tests

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