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Prepare for USPI's Tests

USPI provides surgical facilities that create better care and meet the needs of patients, physicians, and health system.

The steps in the USPI hiring process are:

  • Online Application: Update your resume and send it.
  • Phone Conversation: A headhunter will contact you. Be prepared for questions about your past experience. We recommend to go over your resume beforehand.
  • Pre-interview: Get ready for the interview: Read up about the company and the position, and prepare answers for questions that are likely to be asked.
  • Face-to-face Interview: This interview might be with the professional manager.
  • Exams: The hiring process includes PeopleAnswers tests: An online cognitive ability test, and a personality assessment.
    For more information about PeopleAnswers tests, click here.

USPI’s Assessment Tests

You will perform PeopleAnswers tests. Our simulation products offer hundreds of practice questions, sample tests and score reports. These questionnaires are: a cognitive ability test, which is time-limited, and a personality test. The tests include number sequences, verbal analogies, and math word problems.

  • PeopleAnswers Test: As a result of practicing our simulation materials, you will be familiar with the actual exam as well. Therefore, you will be well prepared for the hiring process.

Also, you may have to perform the following general tests:

  • Mathematical Reasoning: Examines how quickly and accurately you solve Math problems.
  • Abstract Reasoning:  Assesses your general intellectual potential and ability to work out new concepts and ideas. 
  • Verbal Reasoning: Evaluates your verbal skills and verbal understanding.
  • Excel: Tests your excel knowledge and level, in accordance to what is relevant to the position.
  • SJT: Examines  your reaction to various situations.

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USPI’s Interview Questions

Before the interview, we recommend you to be prepared for questions such as the following:

  • Tell me about your prior work experience, in detail.
  • How do you deal with with disagreeable people?
  • Describe a surgical instrument.
  • Why do you want to work with us, and in this position?


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