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What Can JobTestPrep Do for You?

Having conducted an all-out research on the recruitment process at Universal Health Services, JobTestPrep created test simulations that faithfully imitate the official skills and personality tests administered by Universal Health Services. In our high-quality PrepPack™ you can find the Numerical Reasoning Test, the Verbal Reasoning Test, and the Abstract Reasoning Test, whose exercises will improve the accuracy of your calculations, your reading skills, and your logical thinking. Because employers at UHS also want their prospective employees not to have counterproductive tendencies and antisocial traits, they ask them to take the Personality Test. Candidates’ answers allow employers to winnow out those people whose candidacies are unpromising. We have created the close simulation of the Personality Test, too, and added to our materials. By practicing with it, you will understand what qualities employers are looking for in their job candidates and will learn how to highlight your best traits on your examination and, consequently, build a more attractive personality profile.    

Together with test simulations, our materials include the interview kit. JobTestPrep knows that employers at Universal Health Services pay attention not only to candidates’ test scores but also to how they reply to their questions during the phone and face-to-face interviews. Passing the company’s scores with good results is only half the story. Applicants also should sound confident and knowledgeable during the interview. Containing answers to frequently asked interview questions and various interview tips, our interview materials can teach you how to make a good impression on your recruiters. Make use of our helpful resources and make your wishes to work at UHS come to fruition.

What Stages Does the Recruitment Process Have at UHS?

Candidates who seek employment at Universal Health Services go through several stages during their pre-hire assessment.

The Phone Interview

After you have applied online, you will be contacted by a Human Resources representative who will arrange a phone interview with you. On the phone interview, you will answer questions about your education, work experience, and career objectives. Sometimes, you will have a pre-interview test. This multiple-choice test will feature health care scenarios. You will be given two hours to answer 100 questions. After you have completed the online test, you will need to email it to the Human Resources representative, after which your phone interview will be scheduled.

The Test

Employers at UHS ask their job candidates to complete the Numerical Reasoning Test, the Verbal Reasoning Test, or the Abstract Reasoning Test. They may also ask you to take the Personality Assessment.

The Verbal Reasoning Test

This test measures applicants’ ability to understand written information. On the test, you will be asked to read a short excerpt from the text not necessarily connected to the topic of healthcare or hospitals. The text will appear on the left-hand side of your screen. On the left-hand side of it, you will have a list of statements made about the given test, whose truth-value you will need to evaluate. If a statement tallies with the information presented in the text, mark it as “True.” If you sense that the statement runs counter to what is written in the text, tick it off as “False.” But note that sometimes, you will not be able to determine the truth-value of the given sentence. This will happen because you will simply not have enough information to make a conclusion. In this case, mark the sentence as “Cannot Say.” Note also that the Verbal Reasoning Test is timed. You will have only less than a minute to answer each question. Because a time limit is definitely a problem, you will be advised to practice before your actual examination. Our accurate test simulations will help you come to your pre-employment assessment well prepared.

The Face-to-Face Interview  

As a rule, your in-person interview will take the form of a panel. You will have an opportunity to talk to several people at once, usually to the Human Resources manager, and two or free department managers and team leaders. Expect questions about your education and working experience as well as competency-based and situational questions.  Sometimes, before the face-to-face interview commences, you will be asked to take another test probing your knowledge of the position. After the interview, you may also be asked to fill in an online skilled-based reference form and name 5 people, two of which should be on the management level, who can recommend you for the new position. When the references arrive, you will receive a tentative job offer, which will be finalized after your background check comes in clean.

To pass the interview at Universal Health Services with flying colours, you will need to prepare for it. Avail yourself of our Interview Kit and practice with its materials at home, before you enter the interview room. Our resources give valuable tips on how to conduct yourself effectively during your interview and contain the most frequently asked questions, some of which are presented in the section below. Purchase our materials and increase your chances of being chosen for your applied position at Universal Health Services.

What Questions Are Asked During Interviews at UHS?

Bellow is the list of some of the questions actually posed during phone and face-to-face interviews at Universal Health Services in the past. Here are some of them:

  • Can you work well in a team setting?  
  • How have you solved a project issue by thinking out of the box?  
  • Why do you want to work at UHS?  
  • What do you think therapeutic boundaries are and why is it important that we keep them?  
  • What do you plan on to do outside of work to relieve stress? What is your personal support system?  
  • Suppose one of the children with whom you work tells you he or she is being abused at home. What would you do?  
  • Do you know anything about Opiate Addiction Therapy?  
  • What would your former managers say about you?  
  • What are SSIS / SSRS tables, indexes, and data flows?
  • What does two-way communication mean to you?
  • How many times is it alright to call in or be late within the first 60 days?
  • What is a clustered/non-clustered index?  
  • What SQL function always returns the number of rows?  

Study these questions closely and think how you can answer them concisely, correctly, and impressively. Delivering good performance on your interview will put you at the top of the list of the prospective candidates. 

JobTestPres specializes in bringing job applicants to the successful completion of their pre-employment assessment. Practice with our exclusive PrepPack™ and start helping patients and improving the health system at Universal Health Services.

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