The TestGorilla Assessment Guide – What to Expect and How to Prepare
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What Is the TestGorilla Assessment?

TestGorilla is an interactive psychometric test platform, aimed at helping companies assess prospective hires. Each Company’s TestGorilla Assessment is unique, containing both custom questions written by the company, and ready-made tests created by TestGorilla.

We offer a Preparation Package containing prep for four of TG's most common exams. If there is an exam that is not in the pack but you believe it should be, please contact us!

The exact tests featured on your TestGorilla assessment are not revealed until the assessment itself, making preparation difficult. Hence, this page aims to direct candidates to strategies they might find helpful. You can also acquire TestGorilla practice simulations.

We will go into detail about the makeup and content of TestGorilla tests. First, however, we will discuss the basic rules of the assessment. At the end of the page, we will discuss what makes TestGorilla Assessments unique.

How do TestGorilla Assessments Work?

  • TestGorilla Assessment Length:

TestGorilla allows its client companies to use as few as one test and one custom question, and as many as 5 tests and 20 custom questions. Thus, the duration of the assessment can vary significantly.

However, TestGorilla advises its clients to keep assessments under an hour in order to maintain a positive candidate experience. The exception is software development assessments, which include coding tests. These will often surpass the 60-minute mark.

  • Time Constraint:

Every test is timed, such that you will receive 1 minute per question on average. The timer is situated at the top of the screen.

Because these tests are often about an hour long (longer for coding tests) and the clock is constantly visible, you will likely be under constant time pressure while taking the assessment.

  • Skipping and Taking a Break

You can technically skip questions on the TestGorilla Assessment, but you will not be given a chance to go back and see a skipped question. Therefore, if you find yourself struggling, it is wiser to make an educated guess.

You cannot pause a test, but you can take as long as you want in between tests.

Get accurate and detailed practice simulations for the four most common TG tests by accessing the TestGorilla Preparation Course.

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The TestGorilla Tests

TestGorilla uses multiple choice and true/false questions on all its tests.

All TestGorilla tests begin by presenting you with 4 practice questions, to ensure you understand the instructions. You will have 5 minutes to complete these questions, after which the test will commence:

TestGorilla Math Tests

Numerical reasoning tests evaluate your mathematical aptitude. They typically require you to complete mental math (as in TestGorilla’s Intermediate Math, Double-Digit Math, and Triple-Digit Math tests), and to interpret data presented in charts (as in TestGorilla’s Numerical Reasoning Test).

TestGorilla’s numerical reasoning tests allow the use of calculators and pen-and-paper.

Numerical Reasoning Sample Question

TestGorilla Numerical Reasoning Sample Question

In which of the following years have over 2/3 of the applicants for managerial roles failed to pass the initial screening?

A. 1991
B. 1992
C. 1993
D. 1994
E. None of these
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

We are looking for a year in which over 2/3 of all applicants failed to pass the initial screening. Another way of reading the question is that we are looking for a year in which less than a third of all applicants passed.

Therefore, scan the graph and find a year when the percentage of applicants who passed was smaller than 1/3 = 33.3%.

There are two years that match the criteria: 1993 (with a pass rate of 20%) and 1995 (in which none of the applicants passed the test).

Since only 1993 is in the answer choices, this is the correct answer.

The correct answer is C

TestGorilla Verbal Reasoning

TestGorilla’s Verbal Reasoning, Following Instructions, and Reading Comprehension tests are all verbal assessments that require you to read a passage and answer questions about it. They focus on drawing conclusions from the text and, in the case of Following Instructions, paying attention to order and sequence.

Verbal Reasoning Sample Question

New Company Instructions #1: Dishwashers

To prevent accidents, all Highland plumbers must now work according to specific instructions. This is the first guide: dishwasher removal.

Step 1: Turn the power and water off. 
Step 2: Pull out the old dishwasher and remove it from under the counter. 
Step 3: Follow the electrical cord to where it is connected.
Step 4: Disconnect the electrical cord from the power source. 
Step 5: Locate the water line under the dishwasher and remove it. 
Step 6: Locate the dishwasher's drain line under the sink.
Step 7: Disconnect the dishwasher's drain line from the sink's drain line.

Now that the dishwasher is completely disconnected, remove it and clean out the area. You can now move to our second guide on how to install a new dishwasher.

You are a Highland plumber. What must you do immediately after locating the water line under the dishwasher?

A.   Disconnect the dishwasher's drain line
B.   Connect the dishwasher's drain line
C.   Pull out the dishwasher
D.   Disconnect the electrical cord
E.   Remove the water line
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

Step 5 says that after locating the water line under the dishwasher, you must remove it.

Answer (A) is incorrect because it describes a step that is done later (Step 7).

Answer (B) is incorrect because it is not an action detailed anywhere in the instructions, and so it should be ignored.

Answer (C) is incorrect because this step has already been completed (Step 2).

Answer (D), similarly, has already been completed (Step 4).

The correct answer is E

TestGorilla Logical Reasoning

TestGorilla’s Critical Thinking test features both inductive and deductive logical reasoning problems. Here is a deductive question example:

Logical Reasoning Sample Question

All college graduates are either authoritative or resourceful.

Only people who lack authoritativeness lack resourcefulness.

It is impossible for a college graduate to be authoritative.

A. Conclusion follows
B. Conclusion does not follow
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

College graduates = A, authoritative = B, resourceful = C.
According to the premises, (A -> B | C), and (only ~B -> ~C), which equals B -> C and ~C -> ~B (remember the NOT Triangle – when you apply two of the three operations on a statement, the meaning stays the same).

The conclusion states (impossible for A -> B), which equals (A -> ~B).

“Only people who lack authoritativeness lack resourcefulness” does not mean all people who lack authoritativeness lack resourcefulness. Only that, if you are not resourceful, you must also not be authoritative.

You know from the first premise that college graduates can be either authoritative or resourceful, which means they cannot be both and cannot be neither. If this was the only premise, then the conclusion would not follow. However, you know from the second premise that only people (of which college graduates are a subgroup) who are not authoritative can also not be resourceful, which means anybody who is authoritative must also be resourceful. Since this would contradict the first premise, it is impossible.

In other words:

The only possible scenario that would not contradict the combination of the premises is a scenario in which all college graduates are only resourceful. Therefore, the conclusion follows.

The correct answer is A

Attention to Detail and Spatial Reasoning

Spatial Reasoning refers to the ability to orient yourself on a map and to visualize what shapes look like when rotated or flipped.

Attention to Detail tests ask you to spot the differences between nearly identical prompts. TestGorilla offers two types of Attention to Detail tests: a visual one and a textual one, where the prompts are pictures or words and passages, respectively.

Spatial Reasoning Sample Question

TestGorilla Spatial Reasoning Sample Question
Spatial Reasoning Answer 1
Spatial Reasoning Answer 2
Spatial Reasoning Answer 3
Spatial Reasoning Answer 4
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer
Spatial Reasoning Solution

TestGorilla Situational Judgment Tests

A situational judgment test (SJT) is any assessment where the applicant reads about a work-related scenario and is asked to select the optimal response to the situation.

TestGorilla offers SJTs for various types of scenarios: Leadership and management, business ethics, time management, communication, negotiation, and more.

SJT Sample Question

You manage a team of 10 people. Your employees are competent and cooperative. However, you noticed that lately, they tend to take long coffee breaks and work rates seem slower. You are happy there is a good atmosphere in the office, but feel uncomfortable about the effect it is having on your employees' work.

What would be the best response?

A. Announce the from now on, any employee who wants to take a break should speak to you first
B. Decide that at any given time only one employee can take a coffee break
C. Discuss the situation with the team and ask for their cooperation
D. Announce deadlines for each task the team receives, and reprimand employees who don't finish their tasks on time.
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

Since the team is cooperative and has shown high performance before, discussing the issue with them and asking for their cooperation (response C) is likely to provide results. This direct approach shows your ability to communicate effectively and respectfully, and it demonstrates your ability to use effective strategies to increase staff productivity. Thus, this is an effective way to encourage employee development.

Responses A and B will both be seen by your team as a disciplinary action, which they will likely find unnecessary given that having a good atmosphere while still being productive has worked in the past.

Announcing deadlines (response D) could be an effective response. In general, this is an effective way of increasing productivity. However, this response also includes disciplinary action which, again, is too early to take, as you have not tried to solve the problem in alternative ways first.

The correct answer is C

TestGorilla Personality and Culture Tests

TestGorilla has several personality assessments available on its platform, including some well-known ones such as the “16 types” and the Enneagram personality tests. While these may seem out of place and arbitrary in a job assessment, take into account that the company is trying to test whether you fit in with the organization’s culture and values.

To ace these tests, it is always helpful to research the company and its values beforehand. Remember to present your professional side. Your recruiters do not need to know how you behave around your friends and family.

Personality Sample Question

Please choose one statement that best describes you, and one that least describes you.

Most people show that they are happy to see me.

I often find ways to break down difficult problems into manageable components.

When I imagine how things will truly feel, I can almost get the actual sensation.

I keep others in line.

Answer & Explanation

The statements above represent one or two work-related competencies.

Let's see an evaluation of those competencies: 

  • Most people show that they are happy to see me – Friendliness, Need for Attention and Recognition 
  • I often find ways to break down difficult problems into manageable components – Proactivity, Generate Ideas 
  • When I imagine how things will truly feel, I can almost get the actual sensation – Empathy, Unconventionality 
  • I keep others in line – Assertiveness, Directness 

It would be best to choose "Most" as a statement that represents the most critical competencies for the role and "Least" as the statement that expresses the less desirable ones for the role.

Therefore, if you've applied for a position where you are required be part of a team, you should emphasize your social and collaborative competencies and choose the statement “Most people show that they are happy to see me” as your “Most.”

Although the statement “I keep others in line” reflects management skills, it could be found to be a little “pushy” in a teamwork environment and is a good "Least" in this case.  

TestGorilla Mechanical Reasoning

Mechanical Reasoning tests ascertain your understanding of mechanical and physical principles, by showing you a system and asking how it will move given certain external interference. TestGorilla’s Mechanical Reasoning test is typically used for roles that require you to apply mechanical principles to solve problems.

Mechanical Reasoning Sample Question

In which direction will the wheel spin?

TestGorilla Mechanical Reasoning Question
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

A band connects the two wheels on the left; therefore, the top's wheel will spin counter-clockwise. The two wheels at the top are connected by a rod; thus, both rotate in the same direction. The wheel in question is connected by a band to the top right wheel and influenced by its rotation.

The correct answer is B

TestGorilla Role-Specific Tests

These are tests that evaluate your general knowledge about your field. Many of the more seasoned workers who take these tests find it frustrating that they are being quizzed on the fundamentals of their profession. The questions often cover concepts and jargon which are more common in university lecture halls than in the actual field.

If you believe you will be given one of these tests, go back to the basics, read your textbooks, and memorize some of the important concepts. Additionally, it may be wise to go over the basic layout of the software used by people in your field; which buttons do what, what functions are available, etc.

Role-specific coding tests typically ask you to read a code snippet and identify which of four snippets is the correct output.

TestGorilla Role Specific skill tests include algorithms, restaurant management, customer service, Salesforce CRM, Google Ads, quality assurance, accounting, SEO, HR, and more.

TestGorilla Coding Tests

TestGorilla is known for its timed coding assessments. These are typically between 10 and 20 minutes long and require you to solve a problem using code.

The tests cover both front-end and back-end programming languages, including but not limited to: CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, R, and others.

In addition to all the above, TestGorilla also offers typing speed tests, as well as language proficiency tests for English, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin, Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish, Polish, French, and German.

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TestGorilla Custom Questions

In addition to official TestGorilla Assessment tests, each client company is given the option of including 1-20 custom questions. TestGorilla custom questions come in five different question types, listed here:

Video Questions

Pre-recorded interview questions ask you to use your webcam to film yourself responding to a prompt provided by your recruiters. This is what it looks like:

TestGorilla Video Question


The company will write a prompt and ask you to draft a short essay in response. The essay could be about you, and why you believe you match the role, or it could be a case study.

File Upload

This type of question asks you to upload an external file for your recruiters to see when they go over your application. This might be a CV or a cover letter (although typically companies employ TestGorilla specifically to avoid these), or a take-home assessment.

Multiple Choice

These will simply be interview-type questions to which you will have to select an answer from a few options. Companies will commonly use this to see if you agree with the company values and standards.

Custom Coding Assessment

TestGorilla offers companies a chance to include their own, custom-made coding assessment.

Are you looking for ways to prepare for an upcoming TestGorilla Assessment, but you are not sure how?

JobTestPrep's TestGorilla Practice Pack has got you covered! It features accurate prep and interactive tutorials for four of the most common TestGorilla exams: 

  • Problem-solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Attention to Detail
  • Abstract Reasoning

With this pack, you get full-length simulations that get graded by our system, full solutions and explanations, and interactive guides that explain how to solve each question type.

What Makes TestGorilla Different from Other Recruitment Testing Platforms?

TestGorilla is to aptitude tests as Ford was to automobile manufacturing; the simple user interface and affordable pricing give TestGorilla Assessments a certain mass-produced feel. That is why they are being used by small-budget and large companies alike.

Rest assured, they are no less evidence-based and thorough than other, traditional platforms. If you trust the company that sent you the invitation, you will be fine.

There are two main differences between the TestGorilla Assessment and other pre-employment exams:


The Tests Are Not Revealed Until the Assessment

When you follow the link to your TestGorilla Assessment, (after a few quick questions about yourself), you will be presented with a welcome screen detailing the number of tests included in the assessment and their overall estimated duration.

However, you will not be told which specific tests are featured. By the time you begin a test, the timer will have started. To prevent cheating, TestGorilla has programmed its timer to continue running even if you close the window or disconnect the internet.

This makes preparation difficult. However, you can read about the different TestGorilla tests on this page (or the TestGorilla library), and reason which of them are likely to be part of the application process for your desired role. You can also try our TestGorilla PrepPack, which prepares you for the four most common tests on the platform.


TestGorilla’s Anti-Cheating Measures

TestGorilla has incorporated several measures to prevent cheating. Many candidates are put off by one particular measure: you are required to give the platform access to your webcam, so it can take periodical pictures of you.

If this is a red line for you, you do not have to move forward with the assessment. However, TestGorilla is GDPR compliant, and you will be able to read their privacy policy at the start of the assessment.

Other anti-cheating measures may also be included, if the issuing company has chosen to enable them, such as permanent full screen (making it impossible to leave the assessment window), screenshots being taken every fixed amount of time, and disabled copy and paste.

These two points are the major hallmarks of TestGorilla’s testing method, and the ones that most affect candidates preparing to take their assessments. 

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How long is the TestGorilla Assessment?

TestGorilla Assessments are as long as the hiring company wants them to be. TestGorilla’s recommendation to hiring companies is not to go over 60 minutes to ensure a positive experience for candidates. However, a company can choose to ignore this.

Coding tests will typically be longer than 60 minutes.

What do I need for the TestGorilla Assessment?

In case your assessment includes numerical reasoning tests, it is wise to keep a calculator, scrap paper, and writing utensils on hand.

Additionally, if your test includes a pre-recorded video question, you will want to be dressed in business smart attire to make a good impression.

Most importantly, make sure your internet connection is stable, as the TestGorilla timer never stops counting down, even if you disconnect.

Will I get to see my TestGorilla results?

TestGorilla will not provide you with the results of your assessment. The company issuing the test can choose to do so, but it is up to them.

If you are interested in seeing your results, contact the company you took the assessment for.

Is the TestGorilla test timed?

Yes. All TestGorilla tests feature a stringent time limit, and the time crunch is one of the defining features of the assessment.

Why do I need a webcam to take the TestGorilla Assessment?

There are two reasons:

First, TestGorilla takes pictures of you every 30 seconds as an anti-cheating measure.

Second, some TestGorilla Assessments may include pre-recorded video questions that require you to record your response.

Can I take the TestGorilla Assessment on a mobile device or tablet?

There is no barrier to stop you from taking the assessment on a mobile device, but it is strongly recommended to use a desktop or laptop computer. 

For TestGorilla coding assessments, the platform will inform you that it is highly discouraged to use a mobile or tablet device, because coding typically requires a computer.

Can I do the assessment more than once?

The link you receive will expire once you complete your TestGorilla assessment. TestGorilla have measures in place to detect the same user taking the assessment from different devices, so while you could try this option in theory, honesty is the best policy.

Can I get special accommodations for the assessment?

TestGorilla make a big deal out of equal opportunity on their assessments. In fact, their stated mission is to increase diversity by annihilating the biases involved in CV based hiring process. 

Your potential employer is thus given the choice to include accommodation options for your TestGorilla assessment. If they choose yes, you will see a screen soliciting which condition you have that warrants the accommodation – and whether you want your employer to be notified of the fact that the accommodation has been given. 


TestGorilla is a registered trademark belonging to its trademark owners. JobTestPrep does not claim affiliation with or endorsement from TestGorilla. Rather, the use of its name here is for educational purposes alone.
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