Free SoCalGas Mechanical Test Blue Battery Practice

This page will help you prepare for the Blue battery test Assessment. It includes a detailed guide with free sample questions, Personality Test preparation, and a detailed explanation of the various SoCalGas job positions that require taking the exam.

What is the Blue Battery SoCalGas Mechanical Test

The Blue Battery Mechanical Test is a screening test used by SoCalGas to assess the abilities and personality of candidates before an interview. The topics covered include understanding instructions, solving math problems, analyzing situations, and understanding mechanical principles.

Each of the four parts of the Mechanical Test is designed to measure one or several of these abilities.

The Mechanical Comprehension Test—This test assesses your knowledge of straightforward physical and mechanical concepts as well your ability to apply reasoning in a practical environment.

Topics include electrical circuits, levers, springs, gears, pulleys, and tools. The test evaluates not only your familiarity with these concepts but also your knowledge of their operating principles. Your ability to calculate the force required to operate a certain tool is measured as well.

The Computation Test—This test estimates your knowledge of mathematics and your ability to perform operations with large numbers without a calculator.

Numerical computation questions posed in the test involve basic principles of arithmetic such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

You will also encounter questions that require performing operations with percentages, ratios, fractions, and decimals.

The Computation Test is a multiple-choice test, where each question is supplied with four answers, one of each is correct. Its time limit is five minutes.

The Symbolic Reasoning Test—This test measures how well you can manipulate symbols according to formal mathematical and logical rules. It presents applicants with logical propositions that are expressed visually, in the form of mathematical problems. To make valid logical conclusions based on these propositions, you need to identify the logical relationship between given signs and apply them to the mathematical rules.

It is a multiple-choice test that requires you to select between three alternatives—“True,” “False,” and “Indeterminable.” There are 30 problems in the test, which you are required to solve within five minutes.

The Visual Speed and Accuracy Test—This test assesses how quickly and accurately job candidates do tasks that require visually checking data.

It contains exercises that ask them to follow visual schema and check verbal, numerical, and technical information for errors.

The test consists of two alpha-numeric strings of characters. Job applicants need to compare the two strings and decide whether they are the same or different. The time limit for this test is only five minutes.

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SoCalGas Mechanical Test Sample Questions

Symbolic Reasoning Sample Question

A > B < C, therefore A /< C

Is this sentence true?

A. True.
B. False.
C. Cannot Say.
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is Cannot Say. We can find at least two sets of numbers that result in a true statement but give different answers (true and false) for the given conclusion.

For example, This is the set that is True (2,1,2), and this is the set of numbers that is false (2,1,3) (the sets are of the following format (A, B, C).

Mechanical Comprehension - Gravity and Velocity Sample Question

Two identical balls are placed on a table. They are pushed from the table, and their route is described by the dashed line.

Which ball was pushed with greater force?

A. The red ball.
B. The blue ball.
C. The same.
D. The information is Insufficient.
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is C "blue ball".

In this question we are required to determine which ball was pushed from the table with more force.
The force in which the ball was pushed from the table can be linked to the linear velocity gained by the ball. If the horizontal component of the velocity is larger, the horizontal distance passed by the ball will be greater.

In the illustration above we see that the blue ball’s trajectory is longer than that of the red ball. Therefore, it can be deduced that the blue ball’s horizontal velocity is larger, and thus it was pushed with more force.

Basic Math Sample Question

(2x)/3 = (x-10)/4

A. -6.
B. -10.
C. -20.
D. 12.
E. 36.
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is (A) - -6

This question deals with a single variable equation.
When solving a single variable equation, the goal is isolating the variable (mostly called x) in order to find its value.
The way to do that is by gathering all variable-expressions of the equation (one or more X-expressions) on one side and all numerical members of the equation on the other side. This is done by using the four operations (+, -, *, /) in the equation, as needed.
Important! Any numerical operation must be applied on both sides of the equation.
On this case, to isolate X apply the following operations to both sides of the equation:
1. Find the smallest common denominator, to eliminate the denominators in the equation. In this case, the smallest common denominator of 3 and 4 is 12. Therefore, multiply both sides of the equation by 12:
12*2x/3 = 12*(x-10)/4
4*2X = 3*(X - 10)
8X = 3*(X - 10)
2. Open the brackets
8X = 3X - 30
3. Subtract 3X
8X - 3X = 3X - 30 - 3X
5X = -30
4. Divide by 5
5X/5 = -30/5
X = -6

Another way to solve the equation is cross multiplying both sides of the equation by the respective denominator:

2x/3 = (x-10)/4 //Cross multiply by the respective denominator
4*2x = 3*(x-10) //Open the brackets
8x = 3x - 30 //Move variables to one side of the equation and numbers to the other side.
Notice! When moving sides, the signs changes: + turns to (-) and vice versa.
8x - 3x = -30
5x = -30 //Divide both sides by 5
x = -6

Speed and Accuracy Sample Question

In the table below, are the two highlighted sets of information the same?

A. Yes.
B. No.
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is No.

The Client Name is not identical.

The Personality Test at SoCalGas

The Personality Test measures candidates’ social and psychological abilities and predicts whether they will successfully and effortlessly integrate into the new working environment.
Managers of SoCalGas want to ensure that their employers will not possess troublesome personalities and will not display aberrant behavior such as absenteeism, time-wasting, and fraud.

Therefore, in addition to the Mechanical Test—Blue Battery, SoCalGas also invites their potential employees to take a personality assessment.

Questions asked on the Personality Test are usually of two types. You are asked either to imagine how people would react to certain circumstances or to rank your own attitudes to some statements on a scale of 1 to 5.

The major requirement of the Personality Assessment is to give truthful, impromptu responses.

Replying honestly does not entail, however, that you should not prepare for the SoCalGas Personality Assessment. You need to know how to emphasize your good qualities and avoid incriminating yourself accidentally when answering tricky questions.

JobTestPrep has developed an exclusive Personality Test that will help you learn how to emphasize your good traits so that your future managers will deem you trustworthy. Prepare for your personality assessment with our tutoring materials and prove to SoCalGas that you possess needed professional and personal traits to make a notable contribution to the company.


The Descriptions of Jobs Requiring the Mechanical Test

Applicants who are invited to take the Blue Battery Test as a part of the hiring process are those who are vying for positions as engineers, mechanics, or technicians.

Mechanics and technicians use tools to build or repair machinery. Mechanics are usually certified by a trade association or a regional power. There are two types of mechanics. They can be either heavyweight or lightweight, depending on what type of machinery they use.

Heavyweight work on large machines such as tractors and trailers. Lightweight mechanics work on smaller items, such as car engines.

Engineers design, construct, and test structures and systems. They also consider limitations imposed by practicality, regulation, safety, and cost. Engineers have at least a bachelor degree and they usually have several years of peer-reviewed professional practice.

Engineers mediate between scientific discoveries and their practical applications to human lives. Note that engineers, mechanics, and technicians take the same Mechanical Test—Blue Battery when they are applying for a position at SoCalGas, even though tasks that they perform are different.

This means that passing the Mechanical Test is of paramount importance for acquiring a job at SoCalGas. Practice with our comprehensive PrepPack™ and join the largest American natural gas distribution utility.

How Many Questions Are There on The Mechanical Test?

The Symbolic Reasoning part of the test has 30 problems. You are given only five minutes to solve them. Other parts of the test contain numerous questions, and you must answer as many as you can.

What Is the Passing Score for The Mechanical Test?

Your success on the Mechanical Test—Blue Battery is evaluated by a so-called percentile score.
This score measures your performance relative to other job candidates that take the test with you. Thus, if you receive 81% for your Mechanical Test, this does not mean that you have answered 81% of the questions correctly.
Your score means that you did better on the test than 81% of other test takers.

How Long Do I Have to Wait to Retake the Mechanical Test if I Fail It?

You can retake the Mechanical Test—Blue Battery after a certain waiting period. If you failed the Mechanical Test once, you will have your second attempt three months after your first attempt.

If you flunk the test again, you will have your third attempt six months after the second. Fourth and subsequent attempts are permitted one year after the previous attempt.

JobTestPrep is a leading test prep company that offers accurate practice simulations for hundreds of pre-employment tests. Since 1992, it has helped 1M+ candidates. If you have any additional questions about the Blue Battery SoCalGas Mechanical Test, feel free to send us an email, we usually reply within 24 hours.




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