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JobTestPrep has a goal to help job applicants to get employed at the Southern California Gas Company. Knowing that the administrative position at the SoCalGas is the most sought after, we have designed the simulation of the official Green Battery Test given to candidates during their pre-employment assessment at the SoCalGas. If you go through a few dry runs of our Green Battery Test, you will complete it at your examination easily and quickly.

To increase your chances of employment, we added to our carefully compiled PrepPack™ the Personality test, drills, detailed study guides, and answer keys. These resources will allow you not only to come to your examination well-prepared but also track your progress, while practicing at home. And because managers at the SoCalGas make their hiring decision based not only on your test results but also on the impression you make at interviews, we have created a list of interview questions frequently posed by the company’s employers. By preparing clever answers to these questions in advance, you will inspire recruiters at the SoCalGas to put you at the top of their list of candidates for the administrative position.

The SoCalGas' Hiring Process


Interview Questions for the Administrative Position

The employment process at the SoCalGas has several stages. The first interview on the phone is usually followed by one or two in-person interviews at the company, if, of course, you do well on your Blue Battery Test. As a rule, the first face-to-face interview is organized as a panel, where you will be given an opportunity to discuss your qualifications and career goals with several department managers and a Human Resources representative. Be prepared also to answer behavioral, situational, and technical questions that will probe your administrative skills. If you create a favorable impression on the panel interview, you will have yet another interview with the Vice President of the company. The most common questions posed at the SoCalGas to candidates for administrative position are the following:

  • What is the most challenging in the position of an administrative assistant?
  • How do you plan your schedule for the day?
  • How do you handle employee requests for confidential information?
  • What administrative process worked well at your last position?
  • Describe a time you resolved an office conflict. What did you do then and why?
  • Are you comfortable using a phone with multiple lines and handling a high volume of telephone calls?
  • Describe what you would classify as an office crisis.
  • How do you keep track of office resources?
  • What did you do to ensure the security of office records at your work?
  • What computer skills do you have and what programs you usually use? 

Think these questions over and devise clever answers to them. Armed with good answers, you will be more likely to make a lasting impression on recruiters. You will look even more knowledgeable and prepared in their eyes, if you research about the Southern California Gas Company and its business objectives.

The SoCalGas' Administrative Test - Green Battery

The Administrative Test – Green Battery – This test is taken by candidates for an administrative role at the SoCalGas. It is a reliable measurement of applicants’ administrative skills, because the cognitive qualities it evaluates – reading comprehension, reasoning, problem-solving, and numerical skills – are essential for an administrative assistant to possess in order to succeed at the new workplace. The test’s time limit is 25 minutes, during which you need to answer questions in the four following sections:

The Reasoning Test estimates how well you read and analyze facts and make conclusions from given data. Each of the test’s 30 questions contains several statements and conclusions.  Statements are listed in succession. Your task is to read the list of facts attentively and, after you have analyzed all information, decide whether a made conclusion is true or false. Sometimes, there will not be enough data to warrant the conclusion. In this case, you will need to consider it indeterminate and mark it as “X.” You will have as little as 5 minutes to decide whether these conclusions are true or false, or indeterminate. 

The Reading Comprehension Test seeks to ascertain the level of your reading comprehension and verbal reasoning. On the test, you will be presented with several passages from written texts, accompanied with questions about them. You will need to read the passages quickly and select answers to given questions from several alternatives listed below the text. You will be given only 10 minutes to answer 23 questions. What may help you finish the task quicker is scanning the questions before you start so that you automatically focus on certain pieces of information, while you are reading.

The Problem-Solving Test evaluates how well candidates solve problems formulated in words with the help of basic mathematical calculations. Short narratives that you will read on the test will tell you about people who either spend certain amounts of money on specified goods or receive money for some services. Your task will be to calculate how much money these people would pay or gain in particular circumstances. Mathematical operations that you will need to perform will include adding, subtraction, multiplying, and dividing.  There are 25 problems on this test, which you will be asked to solve within 10 minutes.

The Administrative Test – Green Battery is difficult. It requires close attention to details and quick thinking. An allowed time limit is short, often leaving you less than a minute to answer a question. It is, therefore, impossible to pass this test with good results and on time without preliminary preparation. JobTestPrep’s sophisticated practice materials will help you score higher on your examination and answer questions more quickly and correctly. Study with our exclusive PrepPack™ and leave other job applicants behind. 


What Is an Administrative Position?

Administrative work is a broad category including a variety of positions that, however, have a common denominator. Employees performing administrative roles provide administrative support to their companies. Usually, this support ranges from office managing to answering phones, maintaining records, entering and filing data, speaking with clients, or assisting managers of the company. Yet you may also have additional duties relevant to your specific role.

If you are hired as administrative assistant or secretary, you may be expected mainly to answer phones, organize files, prepare documents, and schedule appointments.

Information clerks who also hold an administrative position perform a different set of duties.  They gather information for the company by searching databases, maintaining records, or retrieving files.

Material recording clerks have different administrative tasks. They supervise shipment of items and maintain inventory.

Yet despite these essential differences in their duties, candidates for all administrative positions require in an equal measure such cognitive abilities as logical reasoning, attention to details, and problem-solving skills. The Administrative Test – the Green Battery evaluates these abilities in job applicants with reliable precision. Practice with JobTestPrep’s high-quality resources and start performing administrative duties at the SoCalGas.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: How many questions are there on the Administrative Test?

A: There are overall 78 questions in the test. They are unequally divided between the Reasoning Test (30 questions), the Reading Comprehension Test (23 questions), and the Problem-Solving Test (25 questions).

Q: What to do, if I receive two invitations for the same test?

A: If you receive duplicate invites for the same test, take it only once.

Q: Can I use a calculator on the Administrative Test?

A: You cannot use the calculator. You are permitted to use only a pen or pencil and a piece of scratch paper.

Go through a few dry runs with JobTestPrep’s comprehensive resources and score high on your pre-employment assessment at the SoCalGas. With our help, you will also be short-listed for the interview, where you will demonstrate that you have all desired qualities to recommend you for the administrative position.

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