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Prepare for the Sitel Hiring Process

Sitel Group is one of the biggest global customer experience companies. They are made up of industry-leading firms offering business outsourcing, talent management, technology, and consulting solutions. Sitel helps their clients efficiently utilize the business’s digital revolution and constantly provide excellent customer experiences. They have more than 75,000 associates in 150 offices within 25 countries.

The Sitel recruitment process includes:

Application: The Sitel application process can be performed online, in-person, or through an employee referral. Applicants are expected to give in their resumes as well if requested.

Telephone Interview: The first interview stage may entail a phone call from an HR recruiter. These short screening conversations normally take up to 30 minutes and allow the hiring team to assess applicants’ skills and characteristics.

In-Person Interview: In-person Sitel interviews are conducted by either a panel or just one employer. The Sitel interview phase may include several stages and aims to assess one’s behavioral traits and character.

Tests: Performing certain psychometric exams may be a required step. Sitel pre-employment tests give employers a deeper understanding of candidates’ cognitive capabilities and skill set for the available position.

Sitel Aptitude Test Preparation

Candidates may be required to take aptitude exams which evaluate their cognitive abilities. These tests measure one’s mathematical, verbal, and logical reasoning skills. Other assessments include the typing tests, which are given to measure how quickly and accurately an individual can type in a certain amount of time. Sitel particularly evaluates candidates’ performance regarding their customer service skills, since many employees often deal with customers on a day-to-day basis. Customer service assessment tests may be conducted along with a role-play exercise.

Determining whether applicants possess the skills necessary to work in customer service, the Situational Judgement (SJT) exam may be given. This test measures one’s behavioral tendencies based on the action they choose to take in a scenario. The personality assessment evaluates one’s characteristics to determine their suitability for the vacant jobs. Bother assessments aim to score candidates’ level of communication skills, adaptability, stress tolerance, and problem-solving abilities.

Start Practicing for the Sitel Test Process with JobTestPrep.

Sitel Interview Questions

The thought of going through the Sitel interviews may feel overwhelming, however, practicing before and doing some research will help improve your performance when the interview comes around. There are various methods and styles which are used, from competency-based to technical interviews. Preparing for every possible question can be accomplished by practicing with JobTestPrep.

Interview questions which may be asked are:

  • Why do you want to work for Sitel?
  • Name three items that you have on you and try to sell them to me.
  • How would you handle dissatisfied and/or argumentative customers?
  • Tell me about a time when you saw someone who needed help. What did you do to help them?


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