3 Steps to Find, Practice, and Pass Your SHL Test
Shlomik Silbiger

Shlomik, SHL Test Expert at JobTestPrep.

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The SHL Test Table

This table will reveal EXACTLY which SHL test you need to prepare for.

Missing information? The clues in your SHL test invitation and SHL test instructions, listed below, will help you fill in the details.

Assessment Name Time Interactivity Questions
Not Sure Not Sure Not Sure Not Sure
General Ability 36 min Non-Interactive 30
Interactive 24
Numerical Reasoning 20 min Non-Interactive 16
18 min Interactive 10
Deductive Reasoning 20 min Non-Interactive 18
18 min Interactive 12
Inductive Reasoning 24 min Non-Interactive 18
18 min Interactive 15
Verbal Reasoning 19 min Non-Interactive 30

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Step #1 - Follow the Clues in Your SHL Test Invitation

Once you have been selected to take an SHL test, you will receive a test invitation (or announcement) - a simple email that probably looks something like this:

SHL Test Announcement Invitation

The announcement will show the assessment details, including the assessment name, time limit, and things you will need for the test.

Let's see how this invitation can reveal your test to you.


Look at the Assessment Name

SHL Test Invitation Announcement Name

This is obviously the first indicator for your test. However, it is not enough.

Why? Two reasons:

  • Several SHL assessments share the same name but differ in terms of content and structure
  • Sometimes the assessment will be named after the name and position, such as AstraZeneca Graduate

So, you will usually need to go deeper into the SHL testing system to find out.


Look at the Time Limit

Different SHL tests have different time limits. Knowing your test's time limit in advance is an important detail to take you in the right direction for succeeding on the test.

Note: The "Overall time you will need" mentioned in the announcement is 10 minutes more than the duration of the actual assessment. These additional 10 minutes will be dedicated to reading the instructions and solving some sample questions.

That will prove useful later on.


Step #2 - Follow the Clues in the Test Instructions


Click the Link to Begin the Assessment

Once you have written down the name of the assessment/s and their time limit, go ahead and click the link in the email to start the assessment.

Don't worry, you will NOT need to take the assessment right away.

SHL Test Invitation Announcement Link


Double-Check Your Step #1 Details

In the intro screen of the assessment, you will be able to see the assessment's name and time limit.

SHL Test Intro

Make sure that these match the ones on your assessment invitation - just to make sure.


Look for the 3 Hidden Details in the Instructions Page

After following the link in your email to start the assessment (remember - it will not start right away), you will be able to find the three hidden details that will be the last piece of the puzzle:

  • Interactive/Non-Interactive
  • No. of Questions
  • Sample Questions and Practice

Let's go over them one by one:



SHL tests come in two forms - interactive and non-interactive, to know which one you'll be taking - take a look at the instructions on the top.


  • It contains the words "activity-based test" --> your test is interactive.
  • Else --> your test is non-interactive.


SHL Test Invitation Announcement Instructions


No. of Questions

This detail will appear under the "General" section in your instructions tab only if you have an interactive test.

The number of questions in the typical SHL test varies between 12-30, depending on the test.


SHL Test Invitation Announcement Question Number


Sample Questions and Practice

This will be the final piece of the puzzle. Just before you start the test, you will be able to take several practice questions or a short sample test.

Most often, you will not NEED this to know what your test is - but it will definitely give you some certainty and reduce anxiety.


In the non-interactive test, you will be presented with some sample questions after the initial instructions


In the interactive test, you will be able to take an online practice before the actual assessment.


SHL Test Invitation Announcement Practice

Note: After this stage is the point of no return! You will be able to go back from the sample questions/practice, but if you click the "Take the Assessment" button, you will not be able to go back anymore.


Step #3 - Find Your Test in the SHL Test Table, Practise, and Pass

Now that you have all the details, go back up to the SHL Test Table and find your test.


Step #3.1 - Still Not Sure? Contact Us!

If you have gone through all the stages and you are still not sure about your test, gather everything you know and contact me at ask_the_team@jobtestprep.com I usually respond within 24-48 hours.


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