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Prepare Yourself for the Schaeffler Employment Process

Practice for your pre-hiring Hogan test and Schaeffler interview by taking advantage of our resources and preparing for the step-by-step process below:

  • Schaeffler Application: The Schaeffler online application may be completed by filling out the online application form and submitting your resume. The Schaeffler internship program can be applied for through a campus recruiter or online as well.
  • Schaeffler Telephone Interview: The first step of the hiring process involves holding a short phone call with an HR representative to discuss your background, job expectations, and previous experience.
  • Schaeffler Test: The assessment test given during the interview stage will often be performed online and ensure that you are the correct fit for the position.
  • Schaeffler Interview: The interview process will usually have several steps, including two or more face to face interviews with a qualified hiring manager and department director. If you are applying for a higher position you may face more rounds of interviews with the VP’s and CEO’s as well.

You can start preparing for Hogan here.

Schaeffler’s Hogan Assessment Test

The Hogan assessment test is used to assist employers in evaluating candidates’ personality characteristics, values, cognitive abilities, and behavioral traits which have the potential to affect an employee’s problem-solving tactics. JobTestPrep's Hogan personality practice test pack provides candidates with the tools they need to understand the exam’s format and its fundamental elements. This will facilitate candidates’ ability to familiarize themselves with the test material and improve their test performance.

Schaeffler Interview Process

The Schaeffler internship program offers students the chance to acquire experience in an industrial company by working in one of their departments. Practicing for the Schaeffler interview to land a career or an internship position is essential when aiming to portray a positive impression throughout the Schaeffler employment process.

Examples of Schaeffler interview questions which may be asked:

  • Why do you want to work here?
  • What relevant classes have you taken at school?
  • How do you prioritize your designated tasks and projects?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?


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