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What Is the Select Assessment for Manufacturing Test?

The Select Assessment for Manufacturing Test, also known as the SAM Test, measures a candidate's ability to work in hourly manufacturing or manufacturing-related positions, such as assembly lines. This test, produced by Select International Inc., uses the latest technology and methodology to help companies and employers hire qualified employees that meet their specific requirements.

A few companies that are currently using this test are: Polaris, General Electric, and V&M.

Select Assessment for Manufacturing Test: Information

The SAM test is an interactive online assessment test that is comprised of five different exams. The SAM test has two primary components: multiple-choice and interactive questions. However, not all the multiple-choice questions have a right and wrong answer choice because employers want your honest opinions and answers so they can assess and determine which job, position, and environment you are most compatible.

Another component of the SAM test is the interactive feature. This section requires you to multitask in order to solve problems. An example of which is that you might be asked to check machine operations while managing productivity levels.

The test is set up this way so employers can evaluate your responses and get a better idea about your problem-solving approach, as well as your job-related abilities. Although the test is timed, the time limits may vary according to the sections the employers choose to omit.

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Select Assessment for Manufacturing Test: Content

The five tests that comprise the SAM test assess 13 different job related characteristics and abilities, some of which are:

  • Work ethic
  • Responsibility
  • Quantitative problem solving
  • Leadership potential
  • Mechanical reasoning
  • Teamwork

These abilities give employers a glimpse of which role you might play in their company. For example, someone who demonstrates the ability to manage a lot of responsibly and a successfully lead a group, might make a great manager. Whereas someone who follows directions and is detail oriented might make a great line attendant.

Additionally, the SAM test assesses 11 core personality characteristics, some of which are:

  • Attention to detail
  • Positive attitude
  • Safety orientation
  • Qualitative problem solving

The results of these characteristics give employers a glimpse at what type of worker you might be like.

SAM Test for New Car Assembly Simulation

If you are applying for work in the car manufacturing and distribution field, you might be asked to take a particular Select International assessment. This simulation assessment measures candidates in three areas: their ability to follow directions, work quickly, and work accurately.

As the test is interactive, you will be shown the car assembly process and then asked to build a car based on the details you were given within the test. Some of the details might include car, wheel, and paint type.

This interactive online assessment is not timed, but usually only takes about 10 - 15 minutes. To ensure that you do well on the test, you are allowed to run through practice sessions before the test starts. However, employers assess how long it took you to finish the test as it reflects your efficiency in this field.

Featured Companies
John Deere Tibco Merck Toyota
General Electric Polaris Freeman Southwire
TMK IPSCO VAM USA Veyance Technologies V&M Star
Cascades Sonneborn PCC Airfoils Columbia Forest
McLeod Health Weltman, Weinberg & Reis City Furniture Kal Tire
Novelis North America Port Corpus Christi Westlake Chemical XYZ Corporation
Paramount Staffing Allison Transmission PACCAR Engine Company Merck
Kenworth LafargeHolcim Magellan Midstream Partners GE Appliances
Century Companies Philips66 Nexteer Automotive EPMS
Vallourec Maple Leaf Cement WestRock GE Aviation
AK Steel Holding Thomas Built Buses Southwire Company Jacobs Technology
Hyundai Motor Company One PPG Place    


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